How Can Your Business Benefit from a Phone Validator Tool?

Searchbug has a Phone Validator Tool that can help your business identify if phone numbers in your list are landlines, mobile phone numbers, or VoIP numbers. This tool is easy to use and it can determine in real-time phone number details such as telephone carrier, OCN, “Do Not Call” status, and location. It can also determine if a phone number is active or disconnected. As a result, saving you time from calling unreachable phone numbers on your list.

What Are the Uses of a Phone Validator Tool?

A phone validator tool can be used to find specific information about phone numbers. You will know which numbers can be beneficial for your business and which ones to remove from your list. Phone validation is also effective in curbing underage signups, spam, harassment, scams, and fraud. You can use a phone validator tool in different aspects of your business including lead generation, marketing, networking, and more.

How Can It Help Your Business?

Your marketing efforts can help you generate a set of phone numbers that you can reach out to in the future. However, your business will obtain a better premium if you maintain a “clean” list. It can be done with the help of a phone validator tool. Call center outbound phone campaigns can save time and resources if you bypass machines or mechanized phone numbers.

With a reliable phone validator tool, phone numbers entered in your website’s sign-up form can also be verified in real-time via API. You can implement background web processing to check even while the sign-up form is filled out.

A phone validator tool can help you match an online customer to a phone number owner. By doing this, you can guarantee that a real person owns it to prevent any fraudulent activity. Phone validation increases the value to entities. It is especially helpful for banks and credit card companies, who often face many fraud attempts, especially those that use stolen credit card information.

Phone number validation can help your business in several ways, including:

1. Customer satisfaction – By having the correct phone number, you can contact people who might be interested in your new product or service. Whether you want to call them about a new promotion or update them about their orders, you can simply ensure customer satisfaction by keeping in touch.

2. Employee productivity – With the correct phone numbers, your staff will spend less time calling inactive numbers and more time connecting with real customers. A reliable phone validator removes the need to delete inaccurate phone numbers manually. Therefore, saving your employees time and allowing them to focus more on critical business activities.

3. Regulatory compliance – When it comes to phone or text marketing, there are specific regulations that your business must follow. A phone validator tool helps you adhere to these regulations and avoid hefty fines.

4. Result-driven marketing – Searchbug’s phone validator can help you determine the information you need about a phone number, including whether a number is active or inactive and if it is a mobile phone or a landline. With this tool, your business will find it easier to strategize on the most effective marketing type to a given set of phone numbers.


Match a customer to a phone number


Searchbug’s Phone Validator Tool

Using Searchbug’s phone validator tool, you need to input either the US or a Canadian phone number in any format. So, the results typically include:

– Phone type – landline, mobile phone (wireless), or VoIP

– Carrier – phone company name

– Location, time zone, area code info, and map

– For VoIP lines, the company name shown will be a local exchange carrier, VoIP resellers like Level 3 Communications, not the actual VoIP service provider like Vonage, Magic Jack, or Google Voice

Take note that not all information is available for all records.

Other Ways to Verify Phone Numbers

There are other ways to verify phone numbers depending on what information you need:

Bulk Phone Validator – Identify Line Type in a Batch process. DIY bulk quotes and file uploads—no monthly fees. No commitment.

Phone Validator Tool Integration – Real-time API is available.

Reverse Phone Lookup in a Batch – Append person or business names, street addresses, cities, states, and zip codes to the list of phone numbers.

Are you ready to clean your phone number lists? Therefore, get in touch with Searchbug today. Find out how our Phone Validator Tool can keep your phone number lists accurate so you can start reaping the benefits.