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If you are trying to find hard-to-locate information, concerned about suspicious activities, or simply don’t have time to look for the information you need, hire professional people researchers to help! Our Assisted Searches save you time, money, and get the answers you need quickly.

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The Need for Searchbug’s Assisted Search Services 

Do you want to dig a little deeper? Is your debtor evading your notice and has gone off-grid? Do you need to find out about a person’s past? Are you looking for an eVerify alternative to check if an SSN belongs to the right person? Do you need to find an EIN to verify if a business is a real registered company with the IRS? Interested in ensuring the accuracy of your search results or having them confirmed by a licensed professional?

Searchbug can help eliminate all doubts and fears. We leave no stone unturned.

You likely need the assistance of an investigator or people researcher if you have to:

– get information regarding a person’s or company’s location, identity, behavior, or credibility

– conduct background checks about new people in your life, be it a potential life partner, new neighbors, new tenants, new employee, business partners, or companies

– examine the legitimacy of an investment

– find proof about a potential fraud

– aid in the investigation of a crime, misconduct, or threat

– protect your company’s premises, assets, personnel, and even data

– retrieve things that have been lost or stolen

– verify claims made by employees, such as workers’ compensation claims

It is without a doubt that everyone wants to protect themselves, their interests, and their family. When you meet someone new or move to a new neighborhood, you would want to know that the people you will interact with are good and trustworthy people. Meanwhile, when it comes to your business, you don’t want to let a bad or dishonest employee corrupt your organization or destroy your company because you’ve worked hard to build what you have. Use our Assisted Search Services to protect the people and things that you care about.

Looking for Someone and Finding the Answers

For a variety of reasons, investigators can track down people. People who have been adopted, birth parents, relatives, former acquaintances, lovers, spouses, coworkers, and employers can all benefit from reconnecting with someone from their past.

When you’ve lost touch with someone, investigators go through databases, question friends, and piece together clues to locate them. They can find a new name, address, phone number, and Social Security Number by looking through public and private data sources.

Sometimes you only have partial information, such as a PO Box, but you need more. We can help! These are common problems that Searchbug is experienced in solving them. It’s still possible to locate your friends and family (or debtor or deadbeat) with the help of an assisted search professional.

A Picture of the Past or Present 

Assisted search professionals verify people’s or companies’ backgrounds for law firms, investigators, corporations, business owners, and individuals in order to provide a complete profile of fact-based information.

Searchbug’s assisted search professionals can search everything from aliases to voter registrations, licenses, neighbors, other occupants at the address, marital records, business records, court records, arrests, convictions, warrants, vehicles, sex offender records, and even surrounding neighborhood facilities. You can check a financial background for state and federal tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies, notices of default, and concealed assets.

We can help if you need an EIN to verify that a company is legitimately registered with the IRS—to complete court paperwork, to record payments on a 1099, to collect or submit a judgment, or for a variety of other purposes.

We can also help if you need to locate a Social Security Number (SSN) to issue a 1099 form during tax season, file court papers or a lawsuit or summary judgment, locate someone who can be used to collect on a bad debt, track down deadbeat dads for back child support payments, investigate fraud, or find an SSN to conduct a skip trace or professional people search, among other things.

Once you obtain the results, you’ll feel more confident when making informed decisions.

Assisted Search Services That Get Results 

When it comes to delicate searches, you can’t rely on just any service. You’ll need the Searchbug if you value discretion and want to make sure the work gets done right. Additionally, you can trust the results of our Assisted Searches and they now come with more affordable rates! Well-trained researchers are experienced to do the work, uncover the answers you’re looking for, and not draw attention to themselves or you in the process. Use Assisted Searches with marked-down prices!

We understand that you are looking for answers when you use an Assisted Search. We shall keep the information and our efforts discreet while we go about our business of assisting you in finding these answers. Throughout the process, we maintain a professional, discreet, and friendly manner. We ensure that what we discover meets, and often exceeds, your expectations.

When it comes to assisting you in getting the answers you need to move forward with your life, you can be sure that we will not leave any stones unturned. Best of all, you can use our Assisted Search Services at new low prices!