3 Reasons to Use Address Append

You might be able to easily get email addresses for your leads and customers. All it takes is a simple lead magnet, Facebook ad, or registration page. By using an address append tool, you can get much more information for each user without having to ask them for it.

In this way, you not only supply yourself with accurate data, you also avoid chasing customers away from a lengthy subscription or registration process. Additionally, users are more likely to hand over their email addresses than physical addresses anyway. 

So rather than ask for that information up front, you can use an address append tool to gather the information associated with the data you already have. We’ll show you how.

What is Address Append?

To “append” means to attach. So address append attaches address information to your existing list of phone numbers or email addresses. There’s a couple of ways this can work.

First, if you have any of the following information already:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • City/state and name
  • County/state and name
  • State and name

you can usually get associated address information too. And this works for individuals as well as businesses!

Second, address append can be used to update information you already have. Maybe you used to collect addresses from leads, but you have since stopped. You still have the early customer data on file including addresses plus the new customer data without addresses. 

If you decide to run a direct mail marketing campaign, you need postal addresses for all users. So, using address append, you can verify that the early address data hasn’t changed since you first collected it and get new addresses for existing customers and leads as well.

Why Use Address Append?

If you’re going to append address data to your existing customer data, you need to have a use for it. Here are three reasons you might want to consider using address append.

1. Diversify Your Marketing Methods

Like we mentioned above, you might start out collecting email addresses from a lead magnet or other webform. Then later you decide you’d like to send out mailers with coupons, promotions, birthday rewards, etc. 

Rather than miss out on this opportunity because you don’t already have the data, and rather than directly ask for the information (this might alarm some users if you suddenly ask for their addresses out of nowhere…), you can just append address data to your existing phone or email data. 

By diversifying your marketing methods, you open yourself up to multiple lines of communication with your customers. This leads to 

2. Build More Customized Campaigns

The more data you have on your customers, the better you know your customers. You complete your customer profiles when you’re able to understand their patterns, habits, and needs. 

With address data, you can customize your marketing campaigns, email or otherwise, based on the geographic location of your customers. Perhaps you want to send an empathetic email to areas experiencing a natural disaster. Or maybe you want to promote a product that is seasonal and therefore only relevant to a select portion of your mailing list.

The more you’re able to personalize your campaigns, the better chance you’ll have of connecting with your customers, gaining their trust, and closing sales.

3. Update Customer Contact Data

Address append not only adds address data to your mailing list, it also updates existing address data. So if you have already collected addresses but some of your contacts have had address changes, address append will correct this data.

Therefore, address append makes your customer records and leads more valuable. There’s no point in having contact data that is incorrect or that you cannot use.

How Address Append Works

Using Searchbug’s batch address append tool, simply upload your list of contacts. Identify what columns or categories you’d like returned and download the results. 

Information comes from public directories, private sources, social media profiles, registrations from various websites, and cell phone and email databases. Searchbug offers results from 15 million business records and 220 million customer records.

Results include the most recent data from directories. And you can be sure the results are accurate because information is validated by numerous proprietary processes. NCOA updates are frequent as well for both customer and business lists.

Payment is based on volume. You can use the pricing calculator to get an estimate. Cost per hit decreases as volume increases. Hits are records found. So you only pay for results.

Other Data Append Options

Other customer data can be appended to your lists aside from addresses. You can append names, numbers, and email addresses, too. Customer data append works the same way as address append.

Just upload your list, identify the information you’d like returned, and download the results. Enhance your customer lists by appending identifying information. Keep existing data up to date and avoid missed marketing opportunities and strategies.

There are also APIs that can find contact information for people and businesses. Find phone number, name and address, or email address. The charge for API services is similar to that of the batch data append service. Use the pricing calculator to estimate the cost of searching your records monthly. 

Before using any of the appended customer data, however, you still want to make sure you offer opt-ins and honor opt-outs. Appending phone numbers to your contact list, for example, and then proceeding to send SMS messages to those numbers could cost you in fines and reputation if you fail to get users’ consent to receive SMS messages from you. 

The same is true of phone calls and emails. You can use a phone validator to see if the numbers you collect are on the Do Not Call list before reaching out to your leads. And sending emails without customer consent could put you at risk for being flagged as spam which hurts your sending reputation in the long run.


The bottom line is that it’s important to be able to contact your leads and meet them where they are. Customize your campaigns based on relevant customer data to enhance relationships and utilize a variety of outreach methods to increase your chances of reaching your customers.

Data and address append can help. By strengthening your customer data, you strengthen your line of communication between you and your customers. Additionally, by appending data, you are able to maintain a simple customer and lead acquisition process. 

Without requiring lengthy opt-in or subscription forms asking for field after field of personal contact data, you facilitate a positive customer experience while still getting the information you need to run your business.

And finally, you don’t have to worry about reaching out to customers using outdated information. Data and address append tools provide the most recent information so you can rest assured your data remains valuable. Try Searchbug’s batch data append tool and API services today!