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How an Inc. 5000 Company, OnCore Leads, Optimizes Their Marketing Campaigns Through Data Validation

Achieving success in the digital marketing space requires precision, especially when it comes to managing lead information. OnCore Leads, recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for its outstanding performance, has mastered this aspect by leveraging data validation.

This blog discusses how OnCore Leads uses Searchbug’s Phone Validation API to refine its marketing strategies and improve campaign outcomes. If you are involved in lead generation, this blog is for you!

What Does OnCore Leads Do?   

OnCore Leads specializes in generating premium leads for businesses across various industries. The company connects businesses with potential customers by employing advanced technology and leveraging deep industry insights, focusing on leads that drive growth and enhance ROI.

 The Problem   

OnCore Leads’ main challenge before integrating with Searchbug was validating the contact information of marketing leads. Incorrect or erroneous contact details can negatively impact the effectiveness of their clients’ campaigns, leading to inefficient use of resources and lost opportunities. Identifying and filtering out these inaccuracies in real-time during lead generation was essential for their brand image and customer satisfaction.

 The Solution   

Adopting Searchbug’s Phone Validation API marked a turning point for OnCore Leads. This powerful tool enabled the company to verify the contact details of leads instantly, allowing them to weed out inaccurate information swiftly. This process not only streamlined their operations but also significantly raised the quality of leads they pursued.

 The Results   

Implementing Searchbug’s technology significantly boosted the customer trust for OnCore Leads. With a more accurate and reliable database, their marketing leads are of the highest quality in the lead generation sector. The overall efficiency of this integration saw a marked improvement, facilitating better customer satisfaction and higher conversion.

 Importance of Data Validation in Marketing   

Data validation emerges as a pivotal element in the success of marketing strategies. It plays a vital role in ensuring that marketing efforts are efficient and impactful.

By verifying the accuracy of lead information, businesses can direct their resources toward individuals who are most likely to engage, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing communications.

 1. Ensuring Targeted Outreach 

Data validation allows for a more targeted approach in marketing campaigns. By confirming that the contact details are accurate and belong to the intended audience, companies can tailor their messages to meet the specific needs and interests of their potential clients.

This precision in targeting helps significantly increase the relevance of the communication, making it more likely for the message to resonate with the audience.

 2. Optimizing Resource Utilization 

Validating data before marketing campaigns ensures that resources are not wasted on attempts to reach invalid or outdated contacts. This optimization of resources saves time and money and allows for a more focused allocation of marketing efforts toward leads that show genuine potential.

 3. Enhancing Engagement and Conversion 

With validated contact information, businesses are more likely to see an uptick in engagement rates.

Prospective clients are more receptive to messages that reach them through verified channels, leading to higher interaction and better conversion rates.

This direct line of communication establishes a foundation for building trust and fostering relationships with potential clients.

 4. Reducing Bounce Rates 

A key benefit of data validation, particularly in email validation, is the reduction of bounce rates. High bounce rates can negatively impact a sender’s reputation, affecting the future deliverability of emails.

By ensuring that email addresses are correct and active, companies can maintain a healthy sender score, ensuring their messages consistently reach their audience’s inbox.

 Types of Data Validation   

  • Phone Validation: Crucial for businesses that utilize telecommunication as a primary means of reaching out to potential clients. It verifies that phone numbers are active and reachable, and identifies the line type of the phone number. Moreover, it helps businesses comply with DNC and TCPA regulations.
  • Email Validation: This plays a crucial role in the success of email marketing campaigns. This form of validation checks that email addresses are active and capable of receiving emails, thereby reducing bounce rates and enhancing the deliverability of marketing messages. Searchbug’s Email Validation has a 27-point validation capability, which can help you learn more about the status of an email address. Email validation is crucial for your domain sender reputation.


OnCore Leads demonstrates the significant impact of integrating data validation into digital marketing strategies. Searchbug’s Phone Validation API helped the company improve the accuracy of its lead generation, as well as its customer trust and conversion rates.

This success story highlights the importance of precise lead management and the benefits of data validation, signaling that digital marketing professionals, agencies, and businesses should integrate Validation API tools like Searchbug’s to improve the quality of their marketing efforts dramatically.In an evolving digital landscape, adopting advanced data validation technologies is key to staying competitive. Embrace these tools to achieve the same level of success as OnCore Leads!