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Online Dating 101: How To Conduct Thorough Background Checks To Stay Safe 

Online dating has been a game-changer for many people, offering a convenient and accessible way to meet new people and potentially find love. With the rise of online dating, however, come certain risks.

Scammers and criminals often use online dating platforms to exploit unsuspecting individuals. They may create fake profiles, manipulate people into sending them money or use the platform to gather personal information. That is why you must conduct background checks on potential dates to protect yourself from these dangers.

In this blog, we will explore background check tools and marriage & divorce records searches as effective ways to stay safe in online dating. You can gather information about a person’s potential criminal and relationship history by conducting background checks. This information can help you make informed decisions about who to meet in person and can also help you avoid dangerous or untrustworthy individuals.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Know If Your Online Date is the Real Deal   

Use a Background Check Tool   

A background check tool is a valuable resource for anyone looking to meet someone online. With a simple online search, you can access a wealth of information about a person’s background, including their criminal records, employment history, and education verification.

To use a background check tool, you typically need to provide the person’s full name, address, and date of birth. Some background check tools may also require a fee, but free options are also available. However, the accuracy of information from free background check sites cannot be guaranteed; it might be outdated or incorrect.

When choosing a background check tool, it is vital to consider the type of information you need and the reliability of the results. Some background check tools are specifically designed to search for criminal records, while others provide a more comprehensive report that includes information on employment, education, and more.

It is also crucial to choose a user-friendly background check tool that provides results in real time. Additionally, make sure to use a trusted and reputable background check tool to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

By performing a background check on your potential date using a reliable tool, you can make informed decisions about who to meet in person and who to avoid. This can also help you feel more confident and secure in your online dating experiences, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself from potential scams or danger.

Search for Marriage and Divorce Records   

In addition to using a background check tool, searching for marriage and divorce records can also provide valuable insight into a person’s relationship history and help you determine if they are being truthful about their past.

These records include the names of the individuals involved, the date of the marriage or divorce, and any financial settlements, if available.

However, when interpreting the information from marriage and divorce records, do not make assumptions based solely on the records but consider the context and full picture of the data. For example, a person’s past marriages or divorces may have ended amicably and have no bearing on their current character or intentions.

By conducting a thorough search of marriage and divorce records and a background check, you can gather a comprehensive picture of a person’s relationship history, especially if they are telling you that they are single or have never been married.

Search for Potential Criminal Records   

By conducting a criminal records search, you can obtain information about a person’s criminal background, including past warrants, arrests, and convictions. This information can help you determine if someone is trustworthy and safe to be around. For example, if you find a person with a history of violent crimes, it may be best to avoid meeting them in person.

It is best to choose a criminal records search tool that is reliable and up-to-date. Some background check tools only provide information about criminal records in certain states or counties, so selecting a tool that offers comprehensive coverage is crucial.

4 Red Flags To Watch Out For   

It is not uncommon for individuals to become victims of scams or fraudulent behavior when using online dating platforms. With the increasing popularity of online dating, scammers and criminals have found new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

To protect yourself while online dating, be aware of red flags that may indicate that someone is not trustworthy or may have malicious intentions.

In this section, we will discuss some common red flags to look out for, and some of them are:

1. Requests for money   

If someone you meet online repeatedly asks for money or financial assistance, this may be a sign that they are not who they claim to be. Scammers often use online dating platforms to target vulnerable individuals and may ask for money for various reasons, such as claiming to be stranded in another country or in need of medical assistance.

2. Vague or inconsistent information   

Suppose someone’s profile information or personal details frequently change or are inconsistent. In that case, this may indicate they are not being truthful. If someone’s profile picture frequently changes, or their details, such as their job or location show inconsistencies, this could signify that they are not who they claim to be.

3. Lack of interest in meeting in person   

Dating means you’re open to meeting people and having a relationship with them. So, if someone you met online is not interested in meeting in person or is constantly making excuses to avoid meeting, this may be a sign that they have something to hide. Scammers often avoid meeting in person to keep their true identities hidden.

4. Too good to be true   

Beware of too-good-to-be-true profiles. If the person you met through online dating apps, such as Tinder, has high-quality photos and an impressive job or lavish lifestyle, this could indicate that they are not being genuine. Scammers often create fake profiles with fake information to attract unsuspecting individuals.

Trusting your instincts and paying attention to any gut feelings or doubts you may have about someone is also a good idea. When in doubt, it is always better to be cautious and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. If you encounter any red flags, you should step back and gather more information before proceeding with the relationship.

Using a background check tool or conducting a criminal records search can help uncover potential criminal activity or other red flags about someone.

The information you can gather from data sources will give you the peace of mind you need, which can help you make an informed decision about the relationship. Also, do not hesitate to talk to friends or family members about your concerns, as they can help you gain a different perspective.


While online dating offers an opportunity to meet new people and form romantic relationships, it also comes with risks. Scammers and criminals often use these platforms to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. However, by conducting background checks and being aware of the red flags, you can reduce your chances of falling victim to a scam.

By using a background check tool, you can gather information about a person’s criminal record, employment history, and educational background. This information can help you decide who to trust and avoid. Additionally, marriage and divorce records can provide valuable insights into someone’s relationship history and help you determine if they are truthful about their past.

Lastly, always be vigilant and trust your instincts. If you encounter any red flags or suspicious behavior, it is best to be cautious and gather more information before proceeding. By taking the time to conduct background checks and being aware of red flags, you can increase your chances of staying safe while dating online.

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