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How to Safeguard Your Mobile App Against API Security Threats

How to Safeguard Your Mobile App Against API Security Threats  

Mobile applications are becoming an integral part of our everyday activities, offering entertainment, productivity, and convenience. These apps strongly rely on Application Programming Interface (APIs) for communicating with servers and retrieving data from them. Even though mobile apps strongly rely on APIs for communication with other third-party APIs and back-end systems, they also create security […]

Foolproof Online Security Identity Verification Tips You Need to Know

Foolproof Online Security: Identity Verification Tips You Need to Know

Identity verification is an important aspect of online security for any business or organization. It applies not just to inside members but to customers and clients as well. Identify verification ensures that private information remains protected. Only authorized individuals should have access to certain data. Otherwise, privacy concerns can ruin a company’s reputation and data […]


Dear Ladies, Here’s How You Can Take Control of Your Safety Online 

As March ushers in International Women’s Month, we’re reminded of the incredible journey towards gender equality and the battles still ahead. This month is more than a celebration; it’s a powerful reminder of the ongoing fight for a safer, more equitable world, especially in digital interactions and relationships. The rise of online dating has opened […]

How to Stay Safe When It Comes to Online Dating

How to Stay Safe When It Comes to Online Dating?

You can do a lot of things using the internet. You can reach out to friends from the other side of the world, learn about amazing cultures in overseas locations, and maybe, with Lady Luck on your side, find true love. The internet paved the way for online dating. It is now mainstream and has […]

How to Identify Potential Phone Scams via

Who Keeps Calling You? How to Identify Potential Phone Scams

It seems that no matter how stringent the laws and regulations become, how high the fines get, and how much technology advances, our phones continue to be plagued by callers we don’t recognize. And many of these calls are phone scams. Answering could compromise our safety and security, and ignoring them could cause us to […]

Social Security Number Really Suspended - Searchbug

Is Your Social Security Number Really Suspended?

Have you gotten a call with a recorded message, or maybe from an actual person, that claims your social security number is going to be suspended? The caller may even threaten to issue an arrest warrant. They’ll usually give you a number to call in order to correct the problem. If you call, they’ll ask […]


Personal Information of Millions of American Voters’ Recently At Risk

In the month of June, over 198 million Americans who registered to vote in the elections in 2016 have recently had their personal information exposed while being stored online. This was due to a political data contractor called Deep Root Analytics that was associated with and employed by the Republican National Committee. Deep Root Analytics […]