Here’s why you shouldn’t put your baby photos online

With all the changes to privacy policies all around the web, it’s difficult to keep up. I mean, how many of us actually read, let alone understand, all of the legal language built into terms of use. Some sites like Searchbug try and keep it simple with plain English (we actually want people to read it), but as many sites grow and get venture funding, the lawyers start looking at the Terms of use to ensure all liability is mitigated and that the rights of use favor the website shareholders.

If you find your eyes glaze over when faced with pages and pages of legalize but you want to use a photo storage or social media site that allows you to upload images and video, it’s best to at least read the privacy info. The last thing you want is for your private memories or your kids images to show up on strangers “kids in pajamas’ holiday calendar.

This article on Medium about baby photos nails it.
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Baby Photos Online

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