Sell Your Home and Profit…or Lose

In today’s current economy, home sales fluctuate from profits to losses, and both buyers and sellers are looking for the ideal situation that will best fit their needs. If you are considering to sell your home; sellers need to conduct research if they are going to sell the home themselves or hire a broker.  For buyers, that means the need to do as extensive research as possible on their home purchase is going to be very important.

Buyers are going to be looking for:

  • The best deals on any new and/or existing homes.
  • Finding the most house they can get for their money.
  • Homes which are easy to get into (down payment, less remodeling, etc.)

Sell Your Home and ProfitThere are some great tools that buyers can use to get home pricing information. Buyers can simply type an address into any search engine to discover a wealth of knowledge. But what if you want to find public records for a particular address or zip code, or research a house number in a zip code?

By the same token, sellers want to get as much as they can out of the sale of their homes as well. This ease-of-selling is true for the homeowner as well, especially if they’ve been in the home for a number of years and have quite a bit of equity built up in the home.

Since some situations can either be a buyer’s market or a seller’s dream, it’s best to have as much resourceful information that you can before you embark on any buying/selling scenario. One such type of resource to have at your disposal, no matter which side of the fence you find yourself on, is to have a current list of home sales and prices of the sale in your area. This is information that’s provided by the local County Recorder’s office in your local area, and the information provided is generally updated weekly, if not more often than that.

Realtors and real estate professionals use this information religiously when they’re searching for home sales and information. Access to this information gives them a solid idea of what kinds of property are selling in an area, the listing prices, the sales prices and other information. When realtors work with buyers and sellers, they can better represent them and give them accurate information on home sales and what the buyer or seller can reasonably expect to experience as they embark on their journey.

Sell Your Home and ProfitFrom a customer’s perspective (buyer or seller), information about home and property sales gives them an idea of what they can expect, even if they’re not ready to start the process. Veteran homeowners are usually always interested in the equity that’s in their homes, more than anything else. They want to know what they can reasonably expect to profit if their homes sold today. This information of course is not solid since other variables can affect that information (listing price, selling price, negotiations, etc.), but it gives them more of a reasonable idea of what they’re working with. As a result of finding out this information, they may choose to wait a while longer before selling, or if the price is right, they may sell right away and make a big profit!

Now, while those homeowners are looking for sales information, they will also want to know other statistics about the home, and not just the asking or selling price.


So moving to and living in a burgeoning city certainly has its perks, but there are a few consequences that can accompany that, like the crime rate for that particular area. What is the crime rate like in the area that interests them? Has it grown or decreased in recent years? Is it going to be a safe place for me to raise a family? Usually, when an area experiences a growth spurt, it also experiences somewhat of an increase in crime as well. This is not always the norm, but in general instances.


What is the average temperature like in the area? Are there cold, cold winters or blazing hot summers, or both? Believe it or not, there are many people who make major home buying and selling decisions based on this type of information. This is why it’s important for them to research the topic thoroughly before making a decision, since it’s likely going to be one that will affect them for quite some time.

Home and population statistics are available from local, state and federal sources that both professionals and homeowners use in making decisions. These resources are invaluable, and having access to the right kind of resources with helpful and usable information can make a significant difference in helping users to make the right choices.