Why Pay For Searches

Some people balk at the idea of paying someone or a company to find information for them. Why? Well, mainly because information is free on the Internet, and since it’s free, they question just why should they have to pay someone to tell them what’s already out there…for free?

Why Pay for Searches?

Why Pay for Searches

This is certainly a good argument, because most all of the information about people, places or things are in fact found free on the web. There are a large assortment of sites and resources that any person could go to if they want to find out general and/or specific information about most anything. It may take a quick five minutes to get some information in some cases, and in other cases, it may take months or even years to get it. And, just because some pieces of information are free, that doesn’t mean that the information is necessarily correct.

It can be frustrating and overwhelming, to say the least, when you’re dealing with online information and sorting out what’s good and what’s junk.

  • Where do you even begin searching for specialized information, like ancestry? Or neighborhood housing values? What about bankruptcy cases or automobile information?
  • How do you know if the sites where you got the information from are accurate?
  • Will you have to consult two, three or twenty sites or sources to make sure you’ve gotten good information?

So while there is no doubt that you can find the information online that you seek, knowing the what, where, when and how to get to the information can leave you overwhelmed, frustrated and in the case of numerous scams, broke. To avoid all of this, you need to consider working with an informational resource site or a search site that can provide you with accurate, detailed information that won’t cause you to guess on the validity of the results. You should pay for searches to ensure that you’re getting good, solid information.

There are some things that you should be sure to remember when you work with information gathering and search sites. Keep in mind that the site’s owners have done extensive research, records reviews and other processes to ensure that they have included as much vital information as is possible, therefore, work with companies that give you solid information instead of a sales pitch. Don’t worry so much about how many customers they’ve served, or what states they’ve included/excluded in their searches. Look for the type, kind and categories of information that’s of importance to you.

  • Can the search site provide information from 5, 10 or even 20 years back?
  • How much previous home ownership detail do they have on file?
  • Will you need to do MORE information gathering yourself, even after you’ve secured their services?

A good search site will be as extensive and as thorough as possible and cover as wide a range of categories as possible, without diluting the information. Also, a quality search site will always, ALWAYS update their records so as to bring their customers the most current information available.

Paying for search sites and information is necessary because information gathering can be tedious and time consuming. There are phone calls to make to verify information, ask questions or to probe deeper. Sometimes, phone calls can take 5 quick minutes, or they may require several phone calls to different states or even countries in order to find what’s needed. Visiting local courthouses and public businesses are also necessary in order to get detailed information, as well as sitting in records rooms and digging through boxes of information just to get detailed information. In all of these instances, there is a person or multiple persons who are taking the time to sit and find and then accurately record this information. As this information is gathered and then collapsed into a usable format, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of hours that have gone into making that information usable, which mean that someone has to be paid for that time.

Yes, search sites do make it look incredibly simple and easy when you visit their site, type in a search parameter request, and within seconds you have an answer. But, to arrive there takes time and money. As a customer, you get to quickly enjoy those results without the laborious time investment, frustration, travel or information inaccuracies or delays that you would normally have if you tried to do it on your own. Paying for searches is simply easier, cleaner and just a lot more enjoyable.

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