Email Software for Your Business

Seven Things to Consider Before Choosing an Email Software for Your Business

Your business needs email software that you can depend on. But you don’t want to just settle for any email out there. When you think of email for businesses, you need a tool that provides so much more than just an inbox for your employees. Instead, your team needs the ability to organize and manage an inbox as well as other tools that help with collaboration and communication.

In this guide, we share seven helpful things that you want to be sure you consider before you choose an email software for your business needs. Keep your team in mind and look at these seven things before you make a final decision!

Instant Messaging

Sometimes emails just aren’t quick enough. If you need a quick response or need to have a thorough chat, access to a quality instant messaging app is a must. Spike offers a unique innovation that incorporates chatting and instant messaging into an email platform so you can have it all in one place. Avoid having multiple apps for every little thing, and instead, make sure you can chat from your email software. Additionally, you can also integrate your MS Teams text messages into the same platform, streamlining your communication even further.


Having a calendar where you can track meetings, deadlines, and out-of-office times is essential. What is even more important is the ability to handle your calendar and add appointments directly from your inbox. If you can share your calendar or set up group calendars, this offers you so much more team capability. Plus, it keeps all of those things in one place, so you don’t accidentally miss a meeting.

Task Management

Keeping tasks organized is a task all its own. But it isn’t so bad if you have email software that integrates task management to simplify it. Yet again, the ability to manage your tasks in the same place as your calendar and your email makes a huge difference. Having it all in one place is so much easier to manage, but it also allows you to set up tasks from chats, email, and calendar appointments.


Alright, we know this is email software, but you will likely choose your software based on the experience it can give you. Email software shouldn’t just be about a functioning inbox. It should really be about making sure you have a great experience in taking care of business and handling all of the little things with ease. What kind of experience are you looking for?

Tracking Capabilities

You’re going to want the ability to do some tracking, even in relation to your emails. However, tracking doesn’t just stop at emails. This tracking will be beneficial for notes, tasks, calendars, and project workflows. The concept behind tracking is just to ensure nothing is missed and give you one more avenue of determining where you can improve processes.


Nobody wants to stare at a generic email software that doesn’t allow any customization. Even Outlook lets you customize some details. Whether you end up with Outlook or you choose another software with more options, you want to be able to change and customize things to your preferences and tastes.

Customization should include things like the ability to determine your own settings and personalize almost everything you do within the software. You should be able to set up the details in a way that you love and a way that appeals to others too.

The ability to customize is a major factor when it comes to setting your brand apart from others.

Automation Capabilities

Finally, the last thing you want to consider is whether there are any automation capabilities. In the business world, sometimes you need to be able to plan ahead and prepare. Finding an email software that can accommodate this is a huge bonus.

Automation comes in two forms. The first is the ability for you to automate and schedule emails to go out when you want them to. The other is the ability for your prospects and customers to automate and improve their experience as well.

Final Thoughts

Before you choose an email software, take some time to do a little bit of research and find out which software will best meet your needs. There are a lot of details to consider, and your business is deserving of a provider that will give you more than just an inbox for your email needs. It’s all about being able to integrate and collaborate to help you improve your processes and keep in touch when you need it the most. Email software should cater to many different business needs.