Franchise Tax Board Asset Location

Are you trying to find out who recommends   It’s easy to say we’re trusted by financial institutions, hospitals, collection agencies, Marketing firms, and Fortune 500 Companies and have references and public reviews, but that only goes so far.

Who does the Franchise Tax Board turn to when they need Asset Location information? Well, according to their Collection Procedures Manual, it’s Searchbug.

The image below is taken directly out of the California Franchise Tax Board Collection Procedures Manual under the Debtor Asset Location Section (page 5).

It shows that is actually the only Internet Referenced Third Party Contact Resource listed. If you want to download the entire 68 page manual, click the image.

Third Party Contact as listed in the Franchise Tax Board Collection Procedures Manual

When State of California Collection Agents need to do some online investigations, their Procedures Manual references as their third party contact.  We hope this shows that we’re a little different than other online data providers.  If we can be trusted by the state of California, we hope you can trust that we’ll do our best to help you too.

We answer our phones and emails in a timely manner; and we honestly believe you should be able to trust and communicate with the people you choose to do business with. Give us a try, we hope to help you soon.

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