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SearchBug People Data

Free Information
Nationwide listings found in White and Yellow Pages is provided absolutely FREE. If SearchBug can find the people or business information you're looking for in these published directories we will provide free and instant people search results at no charge. All White and Yellow page directory data is updated monthly and kept current. Keep in mind that this is only published listings. Anyone who switched from a regular phone line to a cell phone or VoIP (e.g. Vonage) will not be found in a White or Yellow Directory. Most of our research tools (e.g. Identify Phone Number, Zip Code Lookup, Address Verification, Stats) are also free. Some free tool searches are limited based on account or subscription type.

Public Records
SearchBug provides a low cost way to access public records (aka: premium data). Public records are typically information that has been created, filed or recorded by various government agencies (vital records, real estate records, criminal records, etc.) or by the individual (magazine subscriptions, voter registration, etc.). A basic Pay-As-You-Go account is necessary to search public records, however we offer many types of accounts and available discounts.

Regulated Data
Only Qualified businesses can obtain access to restricted data sources. This type of data is not available to the general public. Restricted data contains non-public personal information like SSNs and driver license numbers. This data is only accessed with permissible usage and is regulated by Federal and State privacy acts (FCRA, GLBA, DPPA, etc.). This type of restricted high-quality data can significantly increase the success rate of skip tracing, debt collection, fraud prevention, as well as help to make better hiring and tenant screening decisions. Apply for Restricted Access.

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