Compare Payment Plans

We offer two types of payment plans: Prepaid Plan and Pay As You Go Plan. Our Prepaid Plan is a great option for anyone who plans on using our instant online searches often and wants to save time and money as well as the hassle of having to approve multiple small charges to your credit card each time you order a paid search. Both payment options include no setup fee, no cancellation fee and no monthly minimums. All plans support multi-user accounts with individual usage reports for businesses or users needing individual accounting.

Prepaid Plans

searchbug payment plans A prepaid plan works just like a gift card (not a subscription) and offers real savings and discounts on our instant searches.

Each time you order an instant search the system will ask you to confirm the debit to your online balance (which comes from you prepaid funds). Prepaid accounts do NOT incur Automatic Charges.


Pay As You Go

Just as it sounds, you pay with a credit card every time you order a paid search. You are prompted to confirm the purchase, but you do not need to re-enter the credit card information. It's securely saved in your account. You will see a charge from SearchBug on your credit card statement for each individual search.