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Find Personal or Business Bank Accounts for debt collections, back child support, or to levy legal judgements.

bank account search
A bank account search is used by law firms, attorneys, and individuals with a court or civil judgment to collect or levy funds. It provides enough information to obtain a writ of execution from an attorney or a court.

If your debtor has a savings, checking, money market, mutual fund, or other type of bank account, such as savings and loans, or credit union, then there's no better way to find them. Use a bank account search and get all the information you need to levy bank accounts for debt collection, divorce, back child support, alimony and for other legal judgements.

You are contracting to hire a licensed professional investigator to conduct a legal investigation in order to locate a bank account for your subject.
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  Personal Bank Account Search
Search for one or all known personal checking, savings, money market, CD, or safety deposit accounts in one state or nationwide. More Info.

  One Bank Account in One State
  Multiple Bank Accounts in One State
  Multiple Bank Accounts Nationwide
  Business Bank Account Search
In depth bank account investigation typically used for judgment recovery. Investigator will obtain the bank names and addresses where your subject has active bank accounts. More Info.

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Price: $217.00
No Info Refund: $150.00


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    • These are legal bank account searches conducted by investigators for judgment collection, judgment recovery, asset location for bad loans, bad checks, collections, back child support and other legal purposes.
    • When placing this order, you are contracting to hire a licensed professional investigator to conduct a legal investigation on your behalf in order to locate a bank checking or savings account for your subject. CDs, Mutual Funds, and Money Market funds are considered Brokerage or Investment Accounts which are not part of a standard bank account search.
    • This search is often used by law firms and attorneys that specialize in debt collection as the investigator typically returns enough information required to complete a writ to present the bank to levy the account.
  1. Personal Account Bank Search

    1. Decide on the Personal Account Search option
      • One State vs Nationwide
        • If you know your subject lives and works in a state where they are not close to any bordering state, don't travel much, and has been in the same state for more than a decade chances are One State search would be a good option.
        • Select Nationwide to search most major bank brands in all 50 states. This is also the search you should select if your subject lives or works near a border state.
      • One Bank Account vs Multiple Bank Accounts
        • With the One Bank Account option, once the investigator finds one account (checking or savings) they conclude the search.
        • Select Multiple Bank Accounts option and the Investigator will continue looking for account (checking or savings) until they exhaust all avenues.
      • Bank Accounts vs Investment Accounts
        • Investigator will search for Checking or Saving bank account, unless you choose Brokerage & Investment Accounts option.
    2. If you know your subjects full 9 digit Social Security Number "SSN" it will expedite the search and cost less. If you have a partial SSN, enter whatever you have in the "Additional Details for Investigator" field (partial SSN does not reduce cost but helps identify proper subject more quickly). If searching for funds from a Family Trust, be sure to provide the SSN for one of the Trustees.
    3. Enter subject's full name and address.
    4. Enter subject's last known address (required if SSN if not provided).
    5. Enter subject's Date of Birth (required).
    6. Select your legal reason for requesting bank account information.
    7. You can also provide additional details on your subject to the investigator using the Additional Details field. Any information about the case or work you may have performed previously can both help your case and speed up the process.
    8. Click "Order Now".

    Business Account Bank Search

    You are contracting to hire a professional investigator to locate the checking and/or savings account used by the Business based on the business address you enter. If you believe the business bank account is located in a different state, use "Additional details field" to inform your investigator.
    1. Enter Business Name and its Owner Name
    2. Provide current or last known Buiness Address
    3. Federal Tax ID (EIN) Required
    4. Select a legal reason for requesting bank account information.
    5. Optionally, you can provide additional details on the subject to the investigator.
    6. Click "Order Now".
    • Investigators that conduct these investigations typically include all the information required for a judgment holder to levy account (typically via a writ or a writ of execution from a court of law) or for you to obtain a subpoena depending on the case.
    • Investigators will include the name of the Bank where your subject is banking
    • The zip code of Branch (when available).
    • Account Balances (if/when available, which is not often)
    • Any additional information garnered about your case (when available)
    • Not all information is available for all records.
    • No Account Numbers will be provided (also not required for judgment levy).
    • One Bank Account, One State (no SSN): $217.00
    • One Bank Account, One State (with SSN): $197.00
    • Multiple Bank Accounts, One State (no SSN): $297.00
    • Multiple Bank Accounts, One State (with SSN): $277.00
    • Multiple Bank Accounts, Nationwide Search (no SSN): $467.00
    • Multiple Bank Accounts, Nationwide Search (with SSN): $447.00
    • Business Account Search: $397.00
    Price is lower when you provide SSN. When you select the search type above you will see price automatically adjust for each type below the order form.
    • If no information is found for your subject, you are eligible for a refund according to our No Info Refund* policy for each search:
      • One Bank Account, One State: No Info Refund: $150.00 refund
      • Multiple Bank Accounts, One State: No Info Refund: $210.00 refund
      • Multiple Bank Accounts, Nationwide Search: No Info Refund: $347.00 refund
      • Business Account Search: No Info Refund: $300.00 refund
    *No refund is available if your investigator locates ANY bank information associated with your subject
    • Investigators conduct a thorough search. This often takes 10 - 20 business days (2 - 4 weeks).
    • Some circumstances may cause your search to take longer.
    • Additional information described in our terms of service.
    • New customers, please add 1 - 3 business days for required verbal verification of your new account.
    • When you need to Levy an account (or a safe deposit box) from a bank and seize the funds, you will need the name of the bank plus the local branch (the branch address) as well as the name on the account (sometimes you'll need the actual account number but once you know the bank you can subpoena that information).
    • In some cases and states, you can levy the account without the account number, however your chances are much better if you have it. You'll also need to obtain a Writ of Execution. This is typically requires you complete a form at a courthouse and file the paperwork.
    • Then an officer of the court (marshall, sheriff, etc) would execute that writ with the bank to get the funds.