Perform background checks, nationwide criminal records checks, and pre-employment screenings.

background check

When someone says they need to conduct a Background Check, Search Criminal Records or conduct a Pre-Employment Screening it can mean several different things. Background checks and criminal record types of searches vary wildly.

Protect yourself and your business with the most trusted background check and nationwide criminal database you can find. Search HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of records for aliases, high-risk addresses, arrests, warrants,and convictions. See bankruptcies, civil judgments, tax liens, and more.

Criminal records can also vary. Do you search where someone lives, works, or did they get convicted of a crime while traveling in a different state altogether? Was there an arrest or a conviction. Misdemeanor or Felony? This criminal records search is nationwide.

Whether you plan to conduct a business deal, start dating someone new, meet someone online, plan to move to a new neighborhood, or hire someone new, you don’t really know people until you do check them out. A background check, criminal record check, or pre-employment screening can help you avoid unnecessary pain.
Search Type
  Comprehensive Background Check
A background check is one of the most misunderstood terms when it comes to online services. The background check should be exhaustive. We search everything from aliases to voter registrations; licenses, neighbors, other occupants at the address, business records, court records, possible assets, arrests, warrants, vehicles, sex offender records, and even surrounding neighborhood facilities. More Info.
  Nationwide Criminal Records Check
Criminal Checks are one of the searches that you see everywhere online when you need one. Keep in mind that criminal records can be county, city, state, or federal. This criminal records search is nationwide. More Info.
  Pre-Employment Screening
Companies use pre-employment screening to identify inaccuracies in employment applications. This search is used to verify employment applicant information for true and false statements as well as verify criminal records and credit history. A standard Credit Report Authorization Form is required. More Info.


First Name
Last Name
Last Known Address
Last Known Phone Number:
SSN (If provided reduces cost)
Approx Age
(+/-) Years
Additional Details for Investigator
Price: $57.00
No Info Refund: $57.00


First Name
Last Name
Additional Details for Investigator
Price: $77.00
No Info Refund: $0.00


First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Price: $97.00
No Info Refund: $0.00
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    • Exhaustive Background Search
      • An exhaustive background search looks for all the following information:
        • Aliases
        • High-Risk Address Check
        • Death Index
        • Phone Numbers from Address
        • Cell Phones from Address
        • Possible Email Addresses
        • Other Names from Email
        • E-mails from Address
        • Voter Registrations
        • DEA Licenses
        • FAA Licenses
        • Professional Licenses
        • Possible Roommates
        • Possible Relatives
        • Other Occupants from Address
        • Bankruptcies
        • Civil Judgments
        • Tax Liens
        • Evictions by Name/Address
        • Property Ownership by Address
        • Real Property Ownership
        • Corporate Records
        • Fictitious Business Names
        • Business Affiliations
        • Businesses from Address
        • Watercraft Ownership
        • Internet Domain Registrations
        • Vehicle Owners at Address
        • Criminal Records
          • Require Matching DOB for Criminal Records
        • Sex Offenders
          • Require Matching DOB for Sex Offenders
        • Arrests Search
        • Warrants
      • Not all records will contain all information listed.
    • Nationwide Criminal Records Search
      • Your National Criminal report will be comprised of data from records originating from Department of Correction, courts, and law enforcement agencies. Data may not be available from all counties or states, or from smaller subdivisions. Not all jurisdictions report records in a timely manner and many sources of court records attempt to protect personal identifiers by no longer providing fields containing important identifiers such as social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, or telephone numbers. This often leads to false positives. Please check reports carefully and ask your subjects about the information.
      • Some jurisdictions began using computerized record keeping sooner than others, while some still do not. This means some jurisdictions provide more recent data and deeper results than others. Some jurisdictions have also ceased making records available so not all records are available in every jurisdiction.
      • The criminal record data provided through this search is a snapshot in time and may not reflect all action that has occurred since the record of the event was reported. Keep in mind that Criminals are booked manually using paperwork which is then transferred to computers using humans. Data entry errors occur everywhere every day. Disposition inquiries should be directed to the reporting agency.
      • Since some records may not have sufficient information to establish an exact identity, search results should be taken only as an indicator of information available. Records are for informational purposes only and cannot guarantee all information from every court is available. Court pleadings, for instance, may only be found in actual case files that may be viewed and copied at a courthouse. Confidential cases, sealed cases, sealed documents, and expunged records also are not available though this search.
      • You may not use this search or the information you obtain from it to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purposes that would require FCRA compliance.
    • Pre-Employment Screening
    • Comprehensive Background Check
      • Enter person's First and Last name as required.
      • Enter person's Last Known Address, plus city, state, and zip in appropriate fields. This is not required but helps avoid false reports from common names.
      • Enter subjects DOB. Required for Criminal Records and Sex offender data. Your report will not include a criminal check without the DOB. In lieu of the DOB if you don't have it, enter SSN instead.
      • If you have the subject's SSN, entering it will make your report more accurate.
      • The more information you provide, the more successful your report will be. Last known addresses, phone numbers, DOB, and SSN are especially helpful.
      • Enter any additional details you think can help.
      • Click "Order Now".
    • Nationwide Criminal Records Check
      • Select National criminal background report.
      • Enter person's First & Last Name
      • Enter Complete date of birth MM/DD/YY.
      • Provide SSN, if known. This can help make the search more accurate.
      • Optionally, you can provide additional details on the subject that might help.
      • Click "Order Now".
    • Pre-Employment Screening
      • This search requires subject's authorization
      • Select Pre-Employment Search.
      • Enter person's First & Last Name.
      • Enter complete date of birth MM/DD/YY.
      • Enter complete SSN
      • Provide the Address. City and State
      • A complete Credit Report Authorization form is required. You can download a sample here or use your own. You will be able to upload or fax it after you order.
    • Comprehensive Background Check
      • Names and Aliases Associated With Subject
      • 10-15 year address history
      • Corporate Affiliations and Professional Licenses
      • FAA Certifications, Aircrafts, Watercraft, Vessels
      • Bankruptcies within the last 10 - 15 years
      • State or Federal Tax Liens, Small Claims Civil Judgments, UCC Filings
      • Property Ownership. If held in a trust or relative's name, property may not be listed
      • Possible Associates and Relatives 1st & 2nd Degree
      • Neighbors 1st & 2nd Neighborhoods
      • Possible Previous Employers
      • Possible Vehicle information (not available in all states)
      • Possible License information (restricted in some states)
      • Not all information is available for all records.
    • Nationwide Criminal Records Check
      • Offender identifying information like race, gender, height, eye and hair color, etc.
      • Charges filed and charge level
      • Case number and charge description
      • Offense, arrest, file and disposition date
      • Disposition, sentence and probation details
      • Verifiers listed on file
      • Not all information is available for all records.
    • Pre-Employment Screening
      • Names and Aliases Associated With Subject
      • SSN Verification with Address History
      • Single Bureau Credit Report
      • UCC Filings
      • Sex Offender Search
      • Statewide Criminal Background Check from the address provided
      • Criminal check in the County from the address provided
      • Not all information is available for all records
    • Comprehensive Background Check (SSN Provided) - Price: $57
    • Comprehensive Background Check (No SSN) - Price: $69.97
    • Nationwide Criminal Records Check - Price: $77
    • Pre-Employment Screening - Price: $97
    • Comprehensive Background Check (SSN Provided) - No Info Refund: $57
    • Comprehensive Background Check (No SSN) - No Info Refund: $49.97
    • If no Background check information is found for your subject, you are eligible for a refund according to our No Info Refund policy for this search only. Reasons for no-hit can include subject is not legally in the USA, has not "established" themself, is young, or is "off the radar" and is purposefully making themselves difficult to locate.

    • Nationwide Criminal Records Check - No Refund Available: $0
    • Pre-Employment Screening - No Refund Available: $0
    • Criminal records and employment screening are not eligible for refunds. The fee for a criminal check is to conduct a Nationwide Criminal Records Check to see if subject has criminal records or not. The service is performed regardless if your subject has a National Criminal Record.

    • Exhaustive Background Check - - Typically 1 - 2 business days
    • Nationwide Criminal Records Check - Typically 2 - 3 business days
    • Pre-Employment Screening - Typically 3 business days