Black Friday

Black Friday 2022 Essential for Businesses: Use Phone Validator to Boost Sales

Black Friday 2022 is approaching, and businesses are anticipating another profitable year. A new study from the National Retail Federation indicated that shoppers spent $7.4 billion on Black Friday and $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday. If you’re reading this, then we’re assuming that you’re an entrepreneur with a business or two, and looking for tips to skyrocket sales this upcoming holiday. Well, you came to the right place! We’re here to give you the ultimate Black Friday essential that every business should have — a phone validator tool.

This time of the year is a must-win for retailers. Why? Because it’s the busiest shopping day of the year, it’s a huge opportunity to boost sales and revenue. If you’re looking to make 2022 your biggest day of sales ever, consider using a phone validator before Black Friday hits.

Black Friday Strategy: Remarketing   

Aside from aiming to reach a new audience, we suggest focusing on remarketing. This method focuses on reaching out to those who have already had interactions with the brand to rekindle interest. These interactions might be visits to the website, a successful purchase, or existing customers.

Think of it this way, it’s much easier to sell, upsell, and promote products and services to those who have shown interest rather than trying to convert a cold audience into making purchases.

Warmer audiences are easier to reach, cheaper to target, and more likely to respond than colder audiences. It is also much simpler to sell to warm audiences as they are already familiar with your brand.

Since it’s Black Friday season, you may want to reengage and remarket to those who purchased from last year’s Black Friday promotion. As mentioned, they are more likely to respond as they recognize your brand already. But the question is, are they still reachable?

Importance of Phone Validator on Black Friday Sale   

There are chances that your customers from last year or a few years ago are no longer using the same contact details. That is why it is so important to validate your contact list before the Black Friday Sale hits.

  1. By validating phone numbers, you will know their status, whether they are still active, disconnected, or invalid/inactive.
  1. Have the chance to change or update the phone number using other tools such as people search or data append in case it was detected as inactive or disconnected.
  1. Be a law-abiding business by ensuring not to call phone numbers that are registered under DNC or Do-Not-Call list.
  1. Plan out data-driven Black Friday sale marketing strategies by knowing other important information about a phone number such as its timezone, location, and whether it’s landline or cellular. Knowing these will help you determine the best time to send promotions and reach a warm audience.
  1. Higher sales and conversion rate due to the team’s productivity after knowing which phone numbers are still active and which numbers are not. Even if it just takes a few seconds dialing numbers, it will still greatly impact performance once all those seconds pile up into hours.

Strategies Where Phone Validator Is Helpful   

Using the remarketing method, here are some marketing campaigns using phone numbers that you may implement to skyrocket sales in a full circle:

  • Outbound Calling
  • SMS Marketing or Text blasting
  • Facebook Advertising by Targeting Audiences Using Phone Numbers

How To Use Phone Validator To Boost Sales This Black Friday   

You’re missing out on big opportunities if you aren’t using a phone validator as part of your marketing strategy. It is important to keep your database clean, especially if you are selling products online.

With Phone Validator, it becomes easier to verify phone numbers in your database instantly. This will help you correct inactive phone numbers even before it reaches the respective teams doing initiatives.

So, start checking your files and start finding contact lists from last year’s Black Friday sale! If you’re a retail or e-commerce business, you probably have the customer’s phone number which was obtained during the purchase process.

Once you have your files with you, it’s time to start the phone validation process!

Simply follow this guide to successfully validate phone numbers using Searchbug’s Phone Validator:

  1. Define Columns – Tell us which column contains phone numbers
  2. Select Service Option and Submit Your Order – Review phone verification options (standard, advanced or active phone number)
  3. Pay – New Users will be asked to sign up and provide a credit card. Once approved, the processing will start immediately.
  4. Download Results – You will receive an email with a link to download the results when it’s ready.

What To Do If Phone Numbers Have Gone Stale?   

Here’s a bonus tip! Once you have identified the inactive and disconnected phone numbers after seeing the validated results, simply go back to your contact list and look for the name of the phone number owner.

From there, you may choose to use a People Search or Data Append to get the most recent or updated phone number of the previous year’s Black Friday sale customer.

Here’s what to do if you wish to find out the most recent phone number using a People Search tool:  

  1. Go to
  2. Select the search type you want and what you are looking for. In this case, choose “Phone Number”
  3. Check your contact list, and enter the name of the customer you wish to update your phone number. Much better if you include its address.
  4. Click “Search”

If there’s data available, the result will include the name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth of the customer you are trying to find. This will help you fine-tune your targeting even better if you plan to do Facebook or Google Ads.

On the other hand, if you want to make the process faster, you may opt for Bulk Data Append. The difference between using this method is that it’s way faster than manually using the People Search tool.

Here’s how to do bulk data append using Searchbug’s tool:  

  1. Upload File – After validating phone numbers, you may upload the same file using bulk data append to add the phone numbers of customers. Or create a new file and transfer the names of the customers that were detected with disconnected or inactive phone numbers.
  2. Define Columns – Help the processors determine the data you have by organizing columns
  3. Review Options – Take a final look at all the data you want to retrieve. This will help the processor find the focus of your search.
  4. Process – Pay and let the Data Append tool run your file
  5. Download Results – You will receive an email with a link to download the results when it’s ready.

That’s it! You finally have the most updated number that you can use to reach out to your previous customers with the latest offerings you have in this year’s Black Friday sale.

Not only have you verified the phone numbers, which lessens the time spent on contacting them, but you also get the chance to learn the current contact details of those whose phone numbers have gone stale.

There’s no excuse now and your business will be unstoppable in no time!


You still have a few weeks left to iron out your Black Friday weekend sale! As we approach the Yuletide season, expect an increase in sales this Thanksgiving. People love shopping at a discounted price, and it’s one of the best days of the year for businesses to take advantage of the most awaited sale.

Since people usually shop for items during Black Friday, we can expect this year that repeat customers will be back or potential customers who’ve been eyeing your brand for quite some time now might finally be ready to buy.

Aside from targeting those cold prospects who have zero knowledge about your business, it would be so much better to market to a warm audience.

The most important thing you can do is make sure that you have a list of people who have already purchased from you or showed interest in your brand. Then, the next step is to ensure that you can still communicate with them.

And that is possible by using tools such as phone validator, and people search or data append! There’s no way you can say that you were not able to get in touch with them after using these tools.

Don’t wait for multiple failed attempts at calling or texting phone numbers before you finally decide to implement these tools for your business.

If you are still unsure how the phone validator may help your team this upcoming Black Friday sale, feel free to reach out on our website. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is here to accommodate any questions you may have in mind before using the phone validator.