Can You Really Find a Phone Number Free?

Incomplete or incorrect contact information is one of the biggest time and money wasters for businesses. If a lead is missing a phone number, a salesperson might spend 30 minutes or more trying to find a phone number free on the internet. That’s paid time that could be spent talking to customers, closing sales. And, […]

How Does a Phone Validator Help Me Get More Leads via

How Does a Phone Validator Help Me Get More Leads?

Looking for our phone validator tool? Check phone numbers here. No matter how you get leads, you’re most likely losing leads to invalid numbers, disconnected numbers, and phone numbers on the Do Not Call list. Some customers intentionally give invalid phone numbers because they want your lead magnet, but don’t want marketing calls. Others will […]

How to Use Text Messaging for Political Campaigns via

How to Use Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

Using text messaging for political campaigns can be tricky. You must send messages that get a response. But, political campaigns must also deal carefully with compliance and personal data issues. Consumer data protection violations are most often reported by consumers themselves. And, people are even more willing to complain to the authorities about unwanted political […]

How to Validate Phone Numbers for Apps

How to Validate Phone Numbers for Apps

If you have an app, you need phone numbers. If you’re not using phone numbers in your app, you need to start. Phone numbers can simplify your app and make life easier for your users. And, that’s in addition to increasing security. Some companies, like the Affirm lending company, use phone numbers instead of usernames […]


Skip Tracing | People Tracing

Best People Search announces a new skip tracing service that combines the thoroughness of a verified address locate search, with the in-depth search of a place of employment locate and tops it off with a verified phone number locate service. Introducing the professional skip tracing service. For a flat pre-negotiated rate, your assigned private […]