Invalid or Impossible Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers having the following characteristics are invalid or impossible:

  • AREA, GROUP, or SERIAL are composed of all zeroes (e.g, 000-45-6789, 123-00-6789, 123-45-0000)
  • AREA number 666 (never have and never will be issued)
  • AREA numbers 700 to 728 (Railroad workers through July 1, 1963, then discontinued)
  • AREA numbers 900-999 (not valid SSNs, but were used for program purposes when state aid to the aged, blind and disabled was converted to a federal program administered by SSA)

Unassigned GROUP numbers

For administrative reasons, GROUP numbers are NOT assigned sequentially but rather follow this order:

  1. ODD, 01 to 09(01, 03, … 09)
  2. EVEN, 10 to 98(10, 12, … 98)
  3. EVEN, 02 to 08(02, 04, … 08)
  4. ODD, 11 to 99 (11, 13, … 99)

Check the latest Social Security Number Monthly Issuance Table at SSA’s Website for the highest group number assigned for each SSN Area. For example, if the highest group number assigned for area 999 is 72 (within the EVEN, 10 to 98 range), then we know that alleged number 999-04-1234 is an invalid number because group number in the EVEN, 02 to 08 range have not yet been assigned.

Social Security Number Used In Advertising (Making Them Invalid)

Specific Social Security Numbers have been used in advertising over the years, which has rendered those numbers invalid. The most famous instance is that of the E. H. Ferree Company in Lockport, New York, which in 1938 decided to promote its product by showing how a Social Security card would fit into its wallets. Over time the number that appeared (078-05-1120) was claimed by over 40,000 people as their own.

The SSA tells the whole story The Social Security Administration now recommends that people showing Social Security cards in advertisements use numbers in the range 987-65-4320 through 987-65-4329. According to one source the following SSNs have been used in ads:

002-28-1852 042-10-3580 062-36-0749 078-05-1120 095-07-3645
128-03-6045 135-01-6629 141-18-6941 165-16-7999 165-18-7999
165-20-7999 165-22-7999 165-24-7999 189-09-2294 212-09-7694
212-09-9999 306-30-2348 308-12-5070 468-28-8779 549-24-1889




Identity Theft and SSN Randomization

Identity Theft and SSN Randomization
SSN Randomization is a project by the SSA in an effort to curb Identity theft victims in the USA. The Social Security Administration (SSA) changed the way Social Security Numbers are issued starting on June 25, 2011.
Since 1973 SSN’s have been issued based on the Zip Code of the mailing address of the SSN application. The first three digits of the SSN were tied to a particular state. After June 25, 2011 this will no longer be the case making it a little more difficult for Identity thieves to guess or obtain the SSN of their victims.
Starting on June 25, 2011, the SSA will eliminate the geographical significance of the first three digits of the SSN, currently referred to as the area number, by no longer allocating the area numbers for assignment to individuals in specific states.

The project is an effort to help protect the integrity of the SSN by establishing a new randomized assignment methodology. SSN Randomization will also extend the longevity of the nine-digit SSN nationwide.

The downside to this randomization is that employers, collection agents, financial institutions and many other industries that rely on being able to conduct SSN verification using various third party services may find themselves paying up to 10x more for similar services. 

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Free people search with social security number

I see a lot of people requesting a free people search, unfortunately, there is really no such thing as a free people search with a social security number.

But don’t despair; I will reveal the truth about free people searches here. No tricks, no schemes, no sales pitch – only information and explanations.

First let me explain. There really is no way that someone can enter a social security number into a website and get the name or address of a person for free. Social Security Numbers are used as a National ID number and there are security issues surrounding the data.

  • Almost everyone you do business with (Companies, medical, dental, credit, financial, businesses, and even private firms) request your Social Security Number (Tax Identification) when you do business with them. Even your employer needs your SSN for their records.
  • You are constantly giving out your SSN on all sorts of forms, employment applications and much more. In some states, your SSN is or was used as a Drivers License number or on a health insurance card as an identification number.
  • There are also many companies that collect, store and warehouse all types of data so there is a cost associated with data entry, security, data storage, encryption, administration, overhead, insurance, and so many other business expenses. That’s the main reason you really can’t get an effective free people search.

There is also a lot of concern about identity theft so many states and businesses are changing the way they use and share SSN information.

If you could visit a website and enter in an SSN and get back personal information about the social security number without any form of payment, then that website really has no idea who requested or obtains information. That would not be good. has a “know your customer” policy and we verbally verify every new customer registration for purchases. This ensures someone from our customer service team personally speaks to every new customer that registers an account with us. This is a time-consuming and expensive process but it assures information and search requests are held to the strictest of confidentiality and privacy.

Ok, back to free people search with social security number information. The only thing you can really do with a social security number that does not cost anything is a free social security verification.

That is where you enter the SSN into our special free SSN verification tool and we will tell you if the SSN is valid (meaning if the number has been issued according to the SSN high group chart from SSA.GOV) or if it’s even active (via a check using SSN death records – SSDI) and also tell you what state issued the SSN (if valid).

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