How to find individual’s addresses by social security number

We are often asked this question and our top three answers are listed below.

    1. A good option is a basic reverse SSN search. This would provide the last reported address and address history information. This is the least expensive search and the investigator would conduct several manual proprietary searches using the subjects SSN to locate address information and conduct cross reference searches to assess which of the addresses were the most recently reported.This is a good low cost search option that can produce a current address but is not guaranteed since the investigator does not verify the last reported address is still current. If your subject moves often or has moved within the last year or so, it might not be current.
    2. A Utility search is often a better option to locate an address as you will find out where the subject has utilities in his/her name as verified by the SSN. This works best if you think your subject owns his/her own home or rents a place and has utilities in their own name. This would not be a good option if your subject owns multiple properties or, is a landlord that provides utilities with the rental. This would also not be a good choice if your subject was someone that may be living with a spouse or a roommate that has the utilities in their name or if your subject is renting where utilities are provided.
    3. The best option would be to request a Guaranteed Current Address Search. This is an in-depth search where the investigator will run down all leads during a 4 week long investigation. This is the only search that guarantees the investigator will verify the address is still current.
How to find individual’s addresses by social security number

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