How to Minimize Chargebacks with Good Customer Data

How Good Customer Data Can Help You Minimize Chargeback Fees

If your business sells goods or services, you might have faced chargeback fees. Chargeback fees are a way to protect the consumer and make sure businesses operate with integrity.  When customers are dissatisfied with goods or services, they can request their money back from either you or their bank or card company. If the customer […]

How to Identify Potential Phone Scams via

Who Keeps Calling You? How to Identify Potential Phone Scams

It seems that no matter how stringent the laws and regulations become, how high the fines get, and how much technology advances, our phones continue to be plagued by callers we don’t recognize. And many of these calls are phone scams. Answering could compromise our safety and security, and ignoring them could cause us to […]

How to Identify Fake Cell Phone Numbers via

How to Identify Fake Cell Phone Numbers

Use of fake cell phone numbers can be a costly burden. As a business owner, you know how important it is to protect the integrity of your database. Consumers are catching on to the use of their phone numbers for marketing purposes, and are looking for ways to avoid it.  By using fake cell phone […]