Are you a good consumer or a consumer from hell?

Are you a good consumer or a consumer from hell?

If you’ve ever been in customer service or owned a business you’d know what this is all about. We’ve all had our fair share of customers from hell, but have you ever been considered a customer from hell yourself?

The article weed out your customers from hell explains the four types of hellish customers.




  • The Bully
    You know the type. They are nasty, impossible to please, and they typically abuse your most important asset: your employees.
  • The Tightwad
    Times are tough for everyone, but a tightwad cares only about his own bottom line. He’ll beat you up on price until you’re working for pennies and then he’ll string you out for more than 120 days on invoices.
  • The Chicken Little
    This customer wants you to think the sky is falling every time she needs something.
  • The Status Quo Joe
    Depending on your business; if your client doesn’t want to change anything, test new strategies, or fully utilize your capabilities and you end up in a supporting role, it may be time to cut ties.
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