Important Reasons Why Marketing Industry Should Use A Phone Validator

5 Important Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Should Use a Phone Validator Tool

Over the years, marketing, selling, and advertising has evolved. The changes over the past decade have been even more drastic than at any point in the last century. The biggest change is in the way data has become so crucial in the area of marketing. Marketing agencies have always used tools to improve the results of their initiatives. Each tool has its main purpose and benefits. Keep in mind that there is no tool available that fits all marketing efforts. It is safe to say that every marketing campaign needs specific tools to maximize efforts and make it successful, and one of these is the phone validator tool.

If you are in the marketing industry, and specializing in telemarketing efforts, or one of your services includes this type of service to your clients, this post is for you! As an expert, it is one of your core responsibilities to assist clients in developing marketing strategies. Phone validation is a topic that isn’t widely discussed among marketers. But, it’s something that we should all consider, especially if your process includes interacting with prospective clients over the phone.

What is a Phone Validator?   

Just as it sounds, a phone validator is a tool that checks the validity of phone numbers. It identifies valid and invalid numbers, ensuring that only accurate and valid phone numbers reach the target.

A phone number validator checks to see whether a phone number is active and able to receive calls. It not only checks the format of a phone number, but also provides additional information about a phone number, such as if it is a landline or a cellular phone, if it is on the National “Do Not Call” list, and much more.

By eliminating the need for manual work (like calling) to verify, a phone validator saves marketing agencies time and money, ensuring that you can focus on more important tasks.

To make yourself comfortable, be rest assured that the phone number owner does not receive any SMS or notice that you are trying to verify their phone number.

Why is having accurate data powerful?   

They say data is power. Having accurate contact information is important for modern marketing. As an external marketing agency performing outreach and inbound marketing strategies for your clients, one of your job responsibilities is to collect data about your customers to understand them better.

This means you will have to track information like phone number, email address, and other personal details. While some marketers depend upon the information shared by their leads, there exists a bigger risk of not receiving accurate information. Accurate data that comes from your leads enables you to stay in touch with them.

However, the reality is that not all prospects provide complete and accurate details. There will be times when they only provide their names, email addresses, or phone number. Since the more data you have, the better, you want to make sure that you can get all possible information to ensure better connections with them.

This is where a phone validator tool comes into play. It provides you with accurate information attached to the phone number. This can help you in the decision-making process⁠—whether to call the person or not, when is the best time to call them, and if there are other channels you can reach them at.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Phone Validator Tool in Your Marketing Agency   

Clean Your Data   

The first important reason to use a phone validator tool is it will help you clean up your database. A clean database is essential to make sure you are maximizing on efficiency and productivity. Before you can use your data effectively, you must remove invalid information and ensure that each piece of information is accurate and relevant.

Some of the numbers in your customer list may have changed over the years. Knowing whether it’s active or not, or if it belongs to a new person now, will help to ensure that you are communicating with your intended recipient.

Marketing agencies and departments should check and clean their databases on a regimented basis to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable in order to deliver a great user experience to their customers.

Maximize Opportunities   

Phone number validator tool is important for marketers because it can help you reach your customers. A phone validator tool will help you find the right phone number so that every person who contacts your business is reachable.

Moreover, it allows you to reach the audience on other channels. Did you know that you can send an SMS via email? And the best thing is that you can send SMS campaigns for free! This is one of the wonders of a phone validator tool. If the number is confirmed as belonging to a cellular phone, it will provide the SMS email linked to that number.

Once you have their SMS email address, you can send them marketing and promotional SMS campaigns. You can also use this method to follow up and notify active clients of upcoming appointments or reminders.

Comply With The Law   

There are laws to protect consumers from unsolicited telemarketing calls. First, you may be in danger of noncompliance if you are not continually validating phone numbers. Millions of phone numbers are reassigned each year.

Even though they gave you consent to contact their number, number reassignment is something that can occur every year, so it is imperative to check the number regularly to ensure you are still in compliance. If you have a reassigned number in your calling list, you risk violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by placing calls to that number.

Moreover, calling numbers under the DNC list can also get you in trouble if the owner decides to take action against the caller. Calling numbers without consent could lead to a potential fine of up to $16,000 per call, according to Andrew Cove of Cove Law.

A phone validator tool can help your business stay in compliance with applicable laws at all times.

Validate Customer and Maximize Lead Information   

A phone validator can help you extract, validate, and update the information you already have on prospects and existing customers. Once you have confirmed that numbers are active and valid, there are other tools available to learn more about the person behind the number.

You can use tools such as data append to generate additional information behind the number, such as the name, email address, and physical address of the phone number owner. This can help you maximize opportunities as it can lead to the discovery of data that you can use to tap customers or leads on other communication channels.

Aside from telemarketing, you can also use the gathered data on email and direct mail marketing, if you wish to explore other marketing strategies in order to reach them better.

Save Resources   

The main advantage of using a phone validation service is that it saves time and money, both of which are precious resources for any business. Nothing is more infuriating than spending your time and money on a campaign that didn’t work out as planned.

A phone validator tool serves as a solution that will help you identify issues with your contact database so that you can fix them before it affects future campaigns.

The time spent on calls to wrong or invalid numbers could be better spent making calls that result in conversions. Time is money, and committing cold calling mistakes also means wasting a significant amount of time dialing, and redialing wrong numbers. This can cost you dearly over time in wasted time and productivity.

Save time, money, and effort by performing a simple validation check before calling or running a telemarketing strategy.

Bottom Line   

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include the use of a phone validator tool, you are missing out on customers who may just be interested in your marketing services. You might even be losing potential marketing clients to your competition.

Missed calls, wrong numbers, or non-responsive clients are a few of the invisible emotional and financial damages that you could be inflicting upon your client’s business by not vetting out phone numbers first.

Poor quality data results in poor customer experience and increases costs for companies. That is why it is so important for you, as an external marketing agency specializing in telemarketing, to ensure the accuracy of data before taking any course of action.

By utilizing a phone number validator tool, and getting the most out of it, you can gain access to more leads, build strong & long-lasting relationships with clients, increase your response rate and generate more revenue through better data.

Keep in mind the benefits of a phone validator tool: it can help you clean your data, maximize opportunities for customer reach, comply with the law, validate lead information, and save resources.

It is an essential part of any business, one which we all must think about. The reasons for using a phone validator tool such as the ones we’ve covered above are clear, and you can see how important this tool is for improving your client’s sales and business.

If you’re ready to improve your marketing campaigns, then it might be time to start using Searchbug’s phone validator tool today!