Phone Verifier and Other Tools to Help You Prepare for Black Friday

Phone Verifier and Other Tools to Help You Prepare for Black Friday

Phone verifier is one of many tools you will want to consider using to prepare your customer data for Black Friday campaigns. We don’t need to tell you the importance of accurate customer data. If you utilize phone, email, or even direct mail campaigns, you know that your success is only as good as the data you use.

We also don’t need to tell you how vital Black Friday is for sales and services. If you only clean your data once a year, it had better be this time of year. You will want to take advantage of the increased shopping and spending consumers do on and around Black Friday. 

So, how can you prepare for Black Friday this year? The US Chamber of Commerce suggests creating a marketing plan. Start by cleaning your existing data, and be ready to collect a slew of new, valuable, usable data. We’ll tell you how.

How to Leverage Phone Verifier to Prepare for Black Friday

Phone verifier, also known as phone validator, does just that: it ensures that a phone number is valid, active, reachable, and usable. Just enter any U.S. or Canadian number in any format and get the line type, carrier name, and location. 

Phone verifier is a useful tool if you want to check the validity of a number. You could search a number and find that it doesn’t exist or isn’t assigned to a user. This allows you to identify mistakes in your data and save time and money storing and utilizing numbers that aren’t going to be answered. 

The line type is also valuable information to have, especially if you use SMS messaging to communicate with customers and clients. You pay for each message sent, so you want to be sure you aren’t wasting money sending messages to landlines. 

Finally, you want to know what numbers are safe to call. Phone verifier can let you know whether a number is listed on the Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry. If you call a number registered on the DNC list, you can face hefty fines.  

So if you plan to make phone calls or send SMS messages to your contact list this holiday season, you want to make sure it is safe to do so and that your messages will actually reach the intended recipient.

How to Use Email Verifier to Prepare for Black Friday

Email verifier, you guessed it, ensures that an email address is valid, active, reachable, and usable. Just enter the email address in question and search! The results include the status of the address. It will either be valid or invalid. 

A valid email address has a bounce rate under 2% and is safe to email. Delivery will be accepted by the receiving mail server. An invalid email address will be rejected by the mail server. The email account could not exist, there could be no mail server for the domain, the domain could not be valid, or the email format could be incorrect.

An email address can also be a spamtrap, toxic, or disposable. Spamtraps are not owned by real people. Their purpose is to catch senders who gather email addresses unethically. Because the owner isn’t a person, it never opted in to receiving your emails. Similarly, toxic email addresses are created by bots rather than people. Disposable email addresses are only valid temporarily. These addresses are created and provided when someone doesn’t really want to receive emails from you. 

Getting the status of an email address helps you protect your sending reputation. The less spam flags you receive, the less your emails bounce, and the less unopened emails you send, the better your sending reputation and the more likely your emails are to land in customers’ inboxes.

Verifying email addresses ensures that you don’t waste time and money sending messages to people who won’t receive them. You can also get valuable information like the address owner’s name, gender, and location if the information is available. This can help you verify, personalize, and strategize your emails.

Use Data Append for an Entire Database

Now, the phone and email verifier tools allow you to search one number or address at a time. Just enter the information in question and click “Verify”. This is a quick and easy process for a small client list, but it isn’t the most efficient way to verify an entire database of customer contact data. 

Not only does a data append tool make it quick and easy to update your list of database records, but it also allows you to add missing personal contact information to your existing records. This saves you time and money trying to gather the information manually and makes your existing leads more valuable. With more than one channel to reach out to your leads, you increase your chances of getting sales and closing deals.

All you have to do is upload your TXT, CSV, or EXCEL file. Identify the columns of information you want appended, review your options, process, and download your results! Check out a pricing calculator here, and keep in mind that with cumulative pricing, the more you search, the more you save.

Benefits of Phone Verifier and Email Verifier APIs

In addition to searching each record individually or appending your entire contact list, you can integrate a phone verifier API and/or email verifier API into your own website or system. This allows you to check data at the point of entry. When you use an API, you know that the data you collect is good and usable. 

However, this data does decay over time. Data that is valid when you receive it might not still be in 6 months to a year. This is why it is important to clean your data (data append is the easiest way). It is best to clean your data right before a major marketing campaign; the better your data, the better your success rate. And, knowing how vital Black Friday is to kicking off the holiday sales season, now is the best time to check your existing data. 

Developers worldwide use Searchbug’s email address verification API to eliminate invalid email addresses, reduce email bounce rates, do away with form spam, and create clean databases. Our phone verifier allows you to instantly identify phone number line type, carrier and more to make your phone data more meaningful. Find out if a phone number has been ported to a new carrier, has been disconnected, is on the federal or state DNC lists, or was used in TCPA litigation.

Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is a major shopping time of year. People are eager and prepared to spend money and take advantage of deals and specials. How can you keep up with the competition? 

Consumers receive tens of emails a day; you want to make sure yours is one of them. The best way to do this is to verify your email list to ensure that you maintain a good sending reputation. And the more information you have about your leads, the better able you are of personalizing your messages which goes a long way in standing out in someone’s inbox. 

Knowing whether a phone number is a landline or cell allows you to maximize your SMS messaging success. SMS message is the quickest, most effective way to communicate with your customers, clients, and leads. You also want to avoid the consequences of utilizing phone outreach to numbers registered on the DNC list.

Fortunately, tools like phone verifier, email verifier, data append, and APIs can help with all of your data needs. So are you ready for Black Friday? Your answer should be yes! Try Searchbug’s data tools for yourself today!