Labor Law Posters stay in Compliance with Osha

Labor Law Posters stay in Compliance with Osha

Wow, it’s Halloween! Can you believe tomorrow is November already. With only 2 months left in this year (where did the year go) it’s time to make sure you update your labor law posters so you can stay in compliance with the OSH Act.

OSHA Compliance is no laughing matter.
Update your Labor Law Posters before Jan 1st.

Did you know that your employees have the right to notify you or they can contact OSHA about anything they think might be a workplace hazard? They can even ask OSHA to keep their name Confidential.Trust me; you don’t want any OSHA compliance headaches. Being a small business owner is hard enough (heck being a big business owner is tough these days) so stay up to date on the simple stuff.Don’t procrastinate. Be sure all your labor law posters and work place posters are up to date and complete. Your employees can request that OSHA do an inspection if they believe there are unsafe or unhealthful conditions.Your employees can even file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of retaliation or discrimination for making a safety or health complaint or exercising their rights under OSHA. It’s easy to keep your employees properly notified by displaying all the required federal and state labor law posters.Every employer knows that they must furnish employees a place of employment free from recognized hazards and comply with occupational safety and health standards issued under the Osh Act.Employers must post all updated labor law posters every year. Occupational Safety and Health Administration work place posters, Equal Employment Opportunity labor law posters, Fair Labor Standards Act Labor Law Posters, State and Local Government posters for all states including California Labor Law Posters, Employee Right for Workers with Disabilities and Special Minimum Wage Work Place Posters.The list goes on and on. I found one company that helps you thru the legal clutter and has all the necessary state and federal labor law posters in one place.Get this off your ‘to-do” list. Don’t wait until you get “around to it”. Having updated labor law posters is the cheapest insurance against Osha Compliance you can get.Start here and find the labor law posteryou need. These guys are the cheapest, fastest and have the most up to date labor law posters I have found online.Just thought I’d share… 🙂
Happy Halloween!

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