Articles, how-to guides, and other information on cleaning and obtaining customer data for your business in the Marketing and/or Information industry.


Searches for Work At Home Businesses

There hundreds if not thousands of topics and pages online that Work At Home Businesses use in their daily marketing campaigns to devise information for their campaign launches. Everything is used from the compilation of resources and statistics to the contact person for each type of subject and/or industry to put together the campaign. Large […]


Database Vs Search Engines

If you’re looking for information online, do you look at a database or a search engine? What about when you’re trying to find average selling prices of homes in a particular area? Would a search engine or a database assist you in locating information about a corporate entity? Database Vs Search Engines – are the […]


Real Time Searches vs Static Searches

There are searches launched every day for a host of different reasons. Depending on what they’re searching for, individuals can and do launch searches to get information from a wide range of topics including business and personal subjects. It’s not an easy guess when determining what subject people will search for because of the vastness […]


Why the Social Search Engine Works

Just about everyone who has done it before can attest to how well it works. That is, sharing with others the things that you’ve found on the internet. It’s called sharing or “liking” in some places, but whichever thing it’s called by whatever group of people, the main idea that drives the concept is the […]


How Do I Get My Information Removed from the Internet

Why does my personal information show up on your web site and all these other web sites, and how do I get my information removed from the internet and other public records web sites. In the United States just about any personal information you provide on a form, application, public document, voter registration, retail store […]


Eviction Searches

Evictions are certainly not a pleasant event to encounter, but for property owners, it’s simply a part of the business on a daily basis. When a tenant fails to pay his rent for space that he is using, it is up to the property owner to launch an eviction process to remove the tenant from […]


A1PeopleSearch – Free and Instant People Search

What happened to I used to type “Free and Instant People Search” in Google and a1peoplesearch was number 1 for years. They had good press, a good web site, customer service, and delivered results.  What happened? After almost 10 years in business has closed operations effective October 31, 2012 and all people search traffic is […]