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Lookup Phone Reverse

Searchbug is starting a tutorial series on how to look up information online. We’ve kicked off the series with a video tutorial on how to Lookup a Phone in Reverse (aka: Phone Reverse Lookup). If you’re trying to lookup the name or address from a phone number using a reverse lookup, check out our video […]


Identify A Phone Number

This Youtube video demonstrates how to use the free research tool on called identify phone number to find out the type of phone number (cell phone or Land line), the carrier of the number and the locations (city and state). As of this writing, this tools is currently free (up to 10 uses per […]


Unlisted Phone Number vs. Non-Published or Unpublished Number

We sometimes get people that are confused by all the terms for phone numbers. Unpublished, Unlisted and non-published are pretty much all the same thing. These are usually land line numbers that are not listed in the white pages or by calling directory assistance because the owner has requested to be removed from such listings. […]


Driver’s Wanted? Well… Sort of…

Saw this truck in front of us on the way back from a trip this past weekend. Normally, a phone # consists of 10 digits. Since they only provided 9 out of the 10 you would need to dial several if you really wanted to apply for this drivers position. Guess they want drivers, but […]


Reverse Phone Number – VoIP Service

As technology grows VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Numbers are becoming more and more common. People are switching to VoIP to save money on their monthly bills. Private investigators are now able to search for the names and addresses associated with VoIP phone number service. If you are an individual, an attorney, collection agency or […]


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup for a Pre-paid Cell Phone

When customers request the name and address linked to a cell phone, the search performed is typically called a reverse cell phone search or reverse cell phone look up. Questions get asked about all the different free cell phone lookup searches or if there is a cell phone directory, however this article is about reverse […]


Can you find current cell phone number

A recent question from a “Potential Customer” submitted on our contact us page. Question: Within the last few months our subject has changed cell phone numbers. We need the CURRENT one. We can provide our debtors complete SSN, Name, & previous address. Other companies on the Internet advertise this at $14.95. Can you provide the […]