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Search Engines and Phrases

If you search for something online, it’s highly likely that you’re going to use a search phrase to locate that item. Whether that’s a commonly known name, a combination of words or phrases, or maybe even one word, searching for something starts with what comes to mind. How is it then that there are some […]


How Do I Find My Old SearchBug Reports

When you place an order on using a personal, business or verified business account you can retreive old searchbug reports from the same account (for as long as your account remains active and in good standing). Even if you’re using a prepaid account or hitting one of the many integrated API’s and you need to pull up previously obtained reports […]


The Real Way To Review Your Favorite Restaurant

The Internet is an immensely useful tool because it’s convenient, easily accessible and you can find out just about any type of information that you’re looking for. With today’s technology with software apps and other types of mobile devices, Internet searches for information is easier and more accessible than ever. Sharing Good or Bad Ideas […]