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Top 10 Cybersecurity Scholarships You Would Want to Apply for

 Top 10 Cybersecurity Scholarships You Would Want to Apply for in 2023 

Successfully applying for a cybersecurity scholarship means completing many crucial requirements, including the obligatory need to write an essay or a personal statement. Students may need help with papers that require strong writing, structuring, and formatting skills. If you are still determining whether you can complete a comprehensive essay to apply for a cybersecurity scholarship, […]

12 Days of Christmas Business Motivation - 12 Tips to Help You Finish Strong and Prepare for Next Year via Searchbug

12 Days of Christmas Business Motivation: 12 Tips to Help You Finish Strong and Prepare for Next Year

Your business motivation probably tends to wane at this time of the year. Not only do you have the typical hustle and bustle of holiday preparation and activities for your own family and personal life, but you also have to juggle the hectic schedules of your employees and other important end of the year business […]

How To Guide: How to Fix Slow Page Load Times via

How to Fix Slow Page Load Times

Slow page load times are a bigger problem than many people realize. Run a quick website speed test on your homepage. How’s it look? Four seconds? Maybe five? That might seem reasonable. But people hate waiting. So it makes sense that longer page load times hurt your sales numbers. Here’s why: 47% of consumers expect a web […]

How to Optimize Your Website via

Website Optimization: Simpler Is Better

Website optimization is largely a matter of creating a website that meets the user’s needs in the simplest way possible. Here’s a known truth of human behavior: when people have more options, they make fewer decisions. Analysis paralysis and decision fatigue are real. A key aspect of website optimization is simplifying your checkout process. Over […]


How Does Google Work

It seems that everyone I know uses Google to search the internet for things they are looking for. While its said that Google gets 65% – 70% of the share of searches in the U.S., however, for many publishers, Google’s share of incoming search traffic is much higher. That’s certainly the case with major news sites […]


Investors Should Capitalize on Private Investigator Services

Before making an investment into a company or individual you should consider hiring a private investigator. Get a good idea of the person or people you are putting your faith and money into. Investing money into a business or individual with a lot of potential can seem promising, but there is always a chance that […]


Real Time Searches vs Static Searches

There are searches launched every day for a host of different reasons. Depending on what they’re searching for, individuals can and do launch searches to get information from a wide range of topics including business and personal subjects. It’s not an easy guess when determining what subject people will search for because of the vastness […]