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SearchBug Fan Page on Facebook

Please stop by the SearchBug Facebook fan page and become a fan. We’d love to see you there! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is CEO of SearchBug, Inc. and the founder of Best People Search. offers Free People Search and Company Finder as well as Data Scrubbing Services. is a private investigator portal […]


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

With the holidays quickly approaching I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for stopping by on occasion. I hope I get the chance to blog more often in 2009. Now that I got my crackberry curve I hope to blog more than before. If you’re reading this blog and you plan to […]


Thanksgiving Customer Appreciation Discount

As you get ready for Thanksgiving this year you’re probably thinking about family and friends during the holidays. It’s always nice to speak to old friends or a distant relative you haven’t talked to in a while. I really want to help you do that and save money at the same time. So, if you’re […]


Welcome to the Best People Search Blog

I have been thinking about this for a very long time and now it is finally here. It’s a place where I can share my random thoughts and insights as they flash into my brain and I tell myself… quick, right that down before you forget it. It will also become a place where I […]