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Are you looking to search for someone via a social security number? Are you looking to verify a social security number? These blogs include tips on how to complete a search or verification of a social security number.

Match SSN and Last Name: 7 SSN Lookup and Verification Services via Searchbug

Match SSN and Last Name: 7 SSN Lookup and Verification Services

If you need to match SSN and last name, there are a few different routes you can take. The tool you need depends on what information you need returned or verified and who you are. Access to certain information is restricted unless you can prove that you are authorized to access it.  Social security number […]

What is a CPN Number and How to Spot CPN Numbers

What is a CPN Number, and How to Spot CPN Numbers

A CPN (Credit Privacy Number or Credit Protection Number) is typically marketed as a fix for bad credit or as a way to keep your social security number private. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. And, it sounds believable. The Social Security Administration can issue social security numbers on demand. So, why […]

Verifying Social Security Numbers

Verifying Social Security Numbers

In the movie “My Blue Heaven” (1990), Barney Coopersmith, an FBI agent played by Rick Moranis, asks Vincent Antonelli, a mobster played by Steve Martin, what his Social Security number (SSN) is. Vincent responds slowly, providing the following numbers: 215-69-82125. Barney tells him that he gave one number too many, and Vincent says: “Take off […]


Reverse Social Security Number Trace

Virtually, each and every time a person uses his social security number, that transaction or information gathered from that event is disseminated into the three major credit bureaus that are used globally. Social security numbers are also most known as identification numbers since they are used to recognize or “identify” a person by the information […]


Invalid or Impossible Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers having the following characteristics are invalid or impossible: AREA, GROUP, or SERIAL are composed of all zeroes (e.g, 000-45-6789, 123-00-6789, 123-45-0000) AREA number 666 (never have and never will be issued) AREA numbers 700 to 728 (Railroad workers through July 1, 1963, then discontinued) AREA numbers 900-999 (not valid SSNs, but were used […]


SSN Reserved for Future Use

Q: When I conduct a Social Security Number Verification some results show “Reserved for future use” what does this mean? A: Reserved for Future Use is a denotation defined by the Social Security Administration for numbers in states that have not started to be assigned yet. An SSN is made up of an Area Group […]


Free SSN Verification

QUESTION: Are the Social Security Number validations you perform obtained directly from the Social Security Administration? Our company has new requirements in place and we need to ensure that your verifications are an acceptable source. ANSWER: To answer the question quickly, yes some of it partially derives from SSA information. However, no one can obtain […]