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A1PeopleSearch – Free and Instant People Search

What happened to I used to type “Free and Instant People Search” in Google and a1peoplesearch was number 1 for years. They had good press, a good web site, customer service, and delivered results.  What happened?After almost 10 years in business has closed operations effective October 31, 2012 and all people search traffic is now […]


Reverse Social Security Number Trace

Virtually, each and every time a person uses his social security number, that transaction or information gathered from that event is disseminated into the three major credit bureaus that are used globally. Social security numbers are also most known as identification numbers since they are used to recognize or “identify” a person by the information […]


Finding Birth and Death Records Online

It is not at all uncommon to find birth and/or death information out online, especially if you have as much information as possible that will help you in your search. There is a misconception that finding birth and death records online is nearly impossible, but this just isn’t true. With proper resources, it is much […]


Background Checks: Risk Protection for Employers

In today’s current economy, there are a lot of job seekers who are anxious to find employment, and at almost any level. There are many people who are working jobs for which they are either overqualified or where they don’t have the necessary skills or experience to do an effective job. Background checks have become […]


Invalid or Impossible Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers having the following characteristics are invalid or impossible: AREA, GROUP, or SERIAL are composed of all zeroes (e.g, 000-45-6789, 123-00-6789, 123-45-0000) AREA number 666 (never have and never will be issued) AREA numbers 700 to 728 (Railroad workers through July 1, 1963, then discontinued) AREA numbers 900-999 (not valid SSNs, but were used […]

Background Checks for Dating

Is my Date with Destiny or a Desperado?

Internet dating is quietly creeping up in popularity, an unspoken nod that will most likely end up with you agreeing on “we met at the library/coffee shop/random place”. Whether you choose to find love out at the grocery store or while browsing the pages of men at one thing is for sure, there are […]


Skip Tracing | People Tracing

Best People Search announces a new skip tracing service that combines the thoroughness of a verified address locate search, with the in-depth search of a place of employment locate and tops it off with a verified phone number locate service. Introducing the professional skip tracing service. For a flat pre-negotiated rate, your assigned private […]