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Looking to check someone’s background? These blogs include tips and free resources on completing a background search for personal and/or business use.


Reversing the Background Check

Companies perform background checks all of the time on candidates whom they are considering hiring as a part of their business. But individuals need to also consider the background of the company that they’re considering the possibility of working for. Does the company pay employees on a regular, timely basis? Does the company have a […]

Background Checks for Dating

Background Checks for Dating

You can never be too safe when it comes to going on a date with someone you know little about. And even after a few dates, how well can you say you really know a person? That’s why there are many ways to run Background Checks for Dating online. For these reasons, there’s no shame […]


Running a Background Check before Hiring Someone to Work in Your Home

Hiring a professional to come to your home entails risk. Will the person show up on time? Will he or she do a thorough job? And, unfortunately, you must consider the possibility, however remote, that the babysitter, plumber, electrician, nanny or whomever you’re seeking might have a criminal record, and might commit a crime again. […]


Credit Check for Employment

When a new employee is being considered for a position within a company, the potential employer may require the person to have their credit check performed for various reasons. For the employer, it’s a way to protect their company and their assets in the event that the employee has questionable activity on his or her […]


Background Checks: Risk Protection for Employers

In today’s current economy, there are a lot of job seekers who are anxious to find employment, and at almost any level. There are many people who are working jobs for which they are either overqualified or where they don’t have the necessary skills or experience to do an effective job. Background checks have become […]

Background Checks for Dating

Is my Date with Destiny or a Desperado?

Internet dating is quietly creeping up in popularity, an unspoken nod that will most likely end up with you agreeing on “we met at the library/coffee shop/random place”. Whether you choose to find love out at the grocery store or while browsing the pages of men at one thing is for sure, there are […]


Credit Checks for Tenant Screening

If you are a landlord looking to conduct credit checks for tenant screening? Don’t settle for just a basic credit check. Now you can obtain a real credit report. A full credit report tells you the whole story. You will need your applicant’s authorization in writing which is typically standard on many rental applications. If […]