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Looking to check someone’s background? These blogs include tips and free resources on completing a background search for personal and/or business use.

The Battle Against Financial Fraud Exploring New Technologies and Tactics

The Battle Against Financial Fraud: Exploring New Technologies and Tactics  

All industries have brilliant minds driving innovations forward, and the case of wrongdoers within them is no different. New fraud methods are emerging, and the best way to counter them is with the use of modern technology and methods. One such method is transaction monitoring software. When we take a look at this market, it’s […]

Credit Check for Employment SB Blog

Credit Check for Employment

When a new employee is being considered for a position within a company, the potential employer may require the person to have their credit check performed for various reasons. For the employer, it’s a way to protect their company and their assets in the event that the employee has questionable activity on his or her […]

Valentines Dat

Valentine’s Day 2024: Tips For Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time 

Valentine’s Day 2024 is just around the corner, and love is definitely in the air. With the digital age in full swing, more and more couples are meeting online, making this Valentine’s Day a potentially thrilling time for those in long-distance relationships ready to meet face-to-face. But before you start planning your outfit or picking […]

AI in Background Check Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Efficient and Accurate Background Screening

AI in Background Check: Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Efficient and Accurate Background Screening

Most people have begun to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. You might not even realize that some of the technology you rely on for seemingly basic functions in fact leverage artificial intelligence. For example, if you use virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, search engines like Google, GPS navigation apps, or any […]

4 Technology Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business Performance

4 Technology Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business Performance   

New technologies are hitting the mainstream almost monthly. As more people and businesses learn about it, they do their best to incorporate the tech into their daily operations. The emergence of artificial intelligence has already changed so much about several industries, and businesses need to follow the trends to remain relevant and competitive. Technology tools […]

Smart Search Tools

5 Smart Search Tools to Help Law Enforcement in Manhunt Operations

The fast-paced progression of technology has permeated almost every facet of our lives, from how we communicate with loved ones to how we work, shop, and enjoy our downtime. Yet, one of the most transformative impacts of this digital revolution has been felt in sectors you might not immediately consider, and law enforcement is right […]

Moving to a new house? Use address lookup and background check to stay safe

Moving to a New House? Use Address Lookup and Background Check to Stay Safe

Moving to a new house can be scary. It is completely normal to feel stressed, anxious, or even scared when moving to a new house. People are creatures of habit; like it or not, routine makes us comfortable. This element of predictability makes us feel safe. So what happens when moving to a new house? […]