5 Emerging Data Trends Businesses Should Watch For In 2024

5 Emerging Data Trends Businesses Should Watch For In 2024 

As 2024 approaches, the business world stands on the brink of a data-driven transformation. How we collect, analyze, and utilize data is undergoing a significant shift, bringing new business opportunities and challenges. In this article, we’ll highlight the top five data trends essential for businesses to monitor this year. These trends are influencing the market […]

Braintree Payment Processing

Searchbug.com Selects Braintree for Payment Processing; Securely Migrates User Data

Searchbug.com is excited to announce a historic update to its payment processing system. In a strategic move to enhance and improve platform security and offer new and multiple payment options, the company has successfully selected and migrated its payment platform to Braintree — a trusted and innovative payment gateway. Why Braintree? Under the guidance of […]

Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

As a search company that provides quality data with transparent pricing, Searchbug has joined Responsible Data Alliance (RDA) to safeguard the privacy of at-risk people.  RDA is a group of companies dedicated to decreasing the amount of information available to the public about people who are regarded to be in the “Protected People” category. These are […]

Searchbug Assisted Search Services

New Lower Prices on Searchbug’s Assisted Search Services

Searchbug’s Assisted Search Services just got a lot better!  If you are trying to find hard-to-locate information, concerned about suspicious activities, or simply don’t have time to look for the information you need, hire professional people researchers to help! Our Assisted Searches save you time, money, and get the answers you need quickly. Our Assisted […]

How to Identify Potential Phone Scams via Searchbug.com

Who Keeps Calling You? How to Identify Potential Phone Scams

It seems that no matter how stringent the laws and regulations become, how high the fines get, and how much technology advances, our phones continue to be plagued by callers we don’t recognize. And many of these calls are phone scams. Answering could compromise our safety and security, and ignoring them could cause us to […]