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These blogs include free resources and information on SMS Marketing and how it can boost sales and conversions in your business when used with Searchbug data enhancement and verification tools.

When to Use SMS Email Addresses and How to Get Them via

When to Use SMS Email Addresses and How to Get Them

You’re aware of email and text message as popular forms of communication and two of the best for business and marketing. But did you know you can send emails as texts too? You might wonder what the difference is. Both email and text messaging have their advantages and where one lacks the other serves as […]

Improve SMS Marketing with Phone Number Carrier Lookup via

Improve SMS Marketing with Phone Number Carrier Lookup

Phone number carrier lookup is the method of finding out which company owns a phone number. Carriers own phone numbers, and customers lease them. Knowing which carriers own which numbers improves the deliverability and security of sending text messages.  But why is this important? Businesses are taking advantage of bulk text messaging not only for […]

The Best Way to Send Mass Messages - Searchbug

The Best Way to Send Mass Texts

Text messaging has become a staple of business communication. It’s personable and people view texts far more than they read emails, especially marketing emails. So mass texting makes sense for companies that conduct large-scale communications and deal with large volumes of phone numbers. But mass texting requires a list of phone numbers. Before you mass […]


Marketing Lists and Text Messaging

Marketing Lists via text messaging campaigns are among the most effective ways of reaching customers and potential customers. With just your smartphone at hand, you can create enthusiasm for your products or services immediately. But the only way you’ll succeed at text message campaigning – which is known in the business and advertising communities as […]