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Bulk Messaging as a Marketing Tool

Bulk Messaging as a Marketing Tool

Bulk email messaging does have a nice list of favorable features that make it a draw, but then there are some who think that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. However, with the swiftly advancing move of technological advancements, it is always wise to stay ahead of current trends by analyzing what’s available on the market and determining if and how those changes would affect your business.

For small business owners, bulk messaging may not even be a key attraction for their marketing plan efforts, but for larger, more diverse companies, bulk messaging may be the best viable option to consider. This may be mainly because of the large, widespread effect that bulk messaging has for audience with consumers.

With bulk messaging, you are able to use a mobile phone or device to send and receive text messages, or numeric messages. More accurately known as SMS messages which stands for Short Message Service, they are the most commonly sent types of messages. Currently, in a large portion of European countries, there are over 160 billion SMS messages that are sent each month. Business owners look at this number as a prime opportunity to connect with potential and current customers on a frequent basis. And the primary draw about this type of messaging service is that most all SMS messages are transmittable even if the servers or mobile networks are experiencing high, overloaded usages. For business owners, this means that their marketing messages will still get to their customers when they send them out.

But is that feature enough reason use this as a marketing tool? Yes!

Bulk messaging systems like SMS are certainly easier to use and manage than most other methods, which is a large reason why companies use them. There are no setup costs associated with the tool. Simply originating the email message and sending it from a compatible device is all that is needed to make this work.

Businesses can also schedule messages in advance to send out to their customers. This is especially helpful if there are announcements that will be sent to the customer base, or, for companies or small businesses that have a small marketing department and not enough manpower to manage a marketing system on a daily basis. By scheduling messages, more effort and productivity time can be placed into other areas of the business.

Bulk messaging is also a great way to incentivize any business, by using a referral method. Many businesses have gained profitable success this way by requiring the recipient to “reply with a code” in order to receive certain benefits. Also, when they refer friend(s), they may also get other benefits. Companies rarely lose customers with this method, especially if the company is offering the customer something that is truly valuable or what they’re looking for.

Companies can also effectively manage groups and categories to which they send messages. The company can set up different contacts within a subset of groups to notate particular demographics. This could include lists with

  •  – parents of school-aged children
  •  – senior citizens over 55
  •  – college students
  •  – housewives with an income of $50,000 or more per year

With this information, the company can customize several different types of campaigns that would address each group, and send them out at the appropriate time and with a relevant product. For instance, the company may do a mass bulk messaging campaign to the parents of school children at the holiday time to advertise a new video game that’s coming out. With a “reply” and entering a particular code, the recipient may receive 50% off the purchase of the video game. The idea is to get people interested in the product (or service), and to stoke their buying interest. If this can be managed solely through virtual methods like bulk messaging, it greatly reduces marketing costs while increasing the company’s bottom line.

The bulk messaging method works for most any tangible product and most (localized) services. The key is to develop a strong marketing plan from beginning to end that will allow the company to capture each demographic from which they can expect buying results. From there, it’s simply a matter of managing and tweaking the information as needed.


Google Releases Personal Profiles | People and Pages

You can search through Google People and Pages now to find all sorts of topics and people you might be interested in following.  Going to the Grand Canyon? Search Grand Canyon in Google Pages and watch publicly shared video’s from others. You never know who you might follow.

Google Releases Personal, Profiles, People In Search

Google has added three search features. Personal results lets people search and find information about themselves, such as Google+ photos and posts, both those that belong to the person and those shared with others viewable on results pages. Profiles in Search, both in auto-complete and results, enables users to find people they’re close to or might be interested in following. People and Pages aims to help searchers find people’s profiles and Google+ can find pages related to a specific topic or area of interest, and enable searchers to follow them with just a few clicks.

Google search gets its biggest change in a decade with a dose of

These social search integrations, which Google is calling “search plus your world”, can be toggled on and off by using the ‘person’ and ‘world’ icons in the top right corner of search results. It’s so easy it takes just one click to disable or enable the new features.

Google Search gets more ‘Social and Personal’

Now it’s easy to find People and Pages via Google search. Just typing the first few letters of the person’s name brings up a personalized profile prediction in autocomplete. Selecting a predicted profile takes you to the results

Search, plus Your World: Related people and pages

Learn more at www.google.com It’s now easier than ever to discover and connect with other people who share your interests right on Google. Find people and pages related to your search.

Google Personal Results, Profiles, People and Pages In Search – CrazyEngineers VoiCE

What I find kind of cool is that when I’m logged into Google and search people by name, I can see if they are sharing anything in Google+ publicly and if I like it, I can add them to my circles right there.

This is done via the Profile in Search feature. This feature searches the particular name throughout the web and comes up with suggestions as you type in the first few letters of the person you want to search. This will then look up in Google+ and other relevant pages for information.

Now the feature also allows you to connect to the person instantly using the Google Instant. That also means if you are signed into Google+ you can always add the person to your circle directly from the search result page.


Know Your Data Broker

Data Broker

Much like the banking industry has procedure called “KYC” which stands for Know Your Customer – consumers, investigators and other users of data brokers should adopt a “KYDB” or Know Your Data Broker.

Tamara Thompson of PiBuzz.com really sums this up well. Her article includes a lot of information that has caused this industry to get a black eye. Just look at my blog about reverse phone lookup scams to see the details.

We all know when it’s too good to be true it probably is however, when Tamara discusses criminal records I have to shed light on the fact that there really is no single repository for Criminal Records and not every county court reports the same criminal activity. We’ve also noticed that there are often disparities in what consumers think is in criminal records and what certain counties, states or federal criminal records include.

I also see a lot of disclaimers on instant criminal records and even we include a disclaimer, if only to manage consumer expectations since it’s not possible to guarantee third party information (especially from the government). The only way to truly see what is included in a criminal record is know the county or the court where the conviction took place and to obtain copies of the actual case.

I want to also point out that some records are sealed, some counties and records only include convictions not arrests and if a case is still pending or the courts are behind at closing files it could take months or longer before some records are included in online access. SearchBug offers verified business users access to the most comprehensive system of criminal records I’ve found and that is via RapSheets.

I agree with Tamara on most of this in her article, however, there is one thing I noticed about free information and even sometimes with paid information from the wrong source. Basically you get what you pay for. So if you are looking for free information or free public records be prepared to spend some time hunting down what’s needed and then you may need to double check it.  Published records are different from public records which can be different than “current” records.

It boils down to this:  If you’re just looking for an address or a phone number to conduct some marketing service or find a lost friend or family member the free searches may be fine. However, if you’re trying to collect on a debt or conduct process service and you’re sending a process server or sheriff to an address you found, you should make absolutely sure it’s a verified current address.

There are only a few ways to make 100% sure an address or phone number you have is current for your subject. To verify correct current address, you can mail a certified letter with address service requested (about $5 and change) and wait a month for the receipt or the correction service to come back, or you can hire a professional to conduct a real skip trace or a verified locate.

Obviously, I’m a bit partial to our People Search USA and we’re upfront about what it includes in our effort to manage our customers expectations. We include all published records free and then we offer a premium service that shows what is available before customers have to make a decision to purchase.  This is the key to knowing your data broker. When you conduct a search for an address or phone the web site should show you that some information was found.

Another way to test the service is to type in a phone number you know is invalid. If the service tells you that information is available even if the number is invalid, that’s a sign to stay clear.

We include a sample report, tell you How to Search, what your Results will typically include, provide information sources and the cost of each search before you even get started.  Our toll free phone number is clearly displayed on all our web pages and you can reach our customer service for help selecting the best search for your needs while keeping cost down and getting the right type of data.

See my next blog for a detailed report on how to spot a reverse phone lookup scam.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is CEO of SearchBug, Inc. and the founder of Best People Search. SearchBug.com offers a Free People Finder and Company Search as well as Data Scrubbing Services. Bestpeoplesearch.com is a private investigator portal and Information Retrieval Services web site where investigators offer searches to businesses and individuals with specific search needs.

Links for Law Enforcement

I’ve compiled a list of Federal Law Enforcement Sites in the USA.

Links for Law Enforcement

C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency
N.S.A. – National Security Agency
NCJRS Law Enforcement Information
US Department of Justice – Home Page
US Department of Justice – US Federal Bureau of Investigation
US Department of Justice – FBI CJIS Division
US Department of Justice – FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
FBI/NWCCC – Internet Fraud Complaint Center
US Department of Justice – Drug Enforcement Administration
US Department of Justice – US Marshals Service
US Department of Justice – Immigration and Naturalization Service
US Department of Justice – Office of Justice Programs
US Department of Justice – US National Central Bureau of INTERPOL
US Dept. of the Treasury – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
US Dept. of the Treasury – US Secret Service
US Dept. of the Treasury – US Customs Service
US Dept. of the Treasury – Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
US Dept. of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service
US Dept. of the Treasury – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETCE)
US Dept. of the Interior – US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Dept. of the Interior – US Fish and Wildlife Service Forensic Lab
US Post Office – US Postal Inspection Service
US Dept. of Transportation – Coast Guard
US Government Services Administration – Federal Protective Service
US Department of State – Bureau of Diplomatic Security
Police News, Forums, etc. – Officer.com