Free Data Validation Resources

These blogs include free resources on data enhancement and verification for your business.


Know Your Data Broker

Much like the banking industry has procedure called “KYC” which stands for Know Your Customer – consumers, investigators and other users of data brokers should adopt a “KYDB” or Know Your Data Broker. Tamara Thompson of really sums this up well. Her article includes a lot of information that has caused this industry to […]


Search all Craigslist or Backpage Cities at same time

I’ve created this simple search box that will let you search all craigs items based on a keyword. Search all Craigslist or Backpage cities at the same time. Looking for a special item or service and want to search all of Craigslist cities or search all of the cities in the Backpage at the same […]


Links for Law Enforcement

I’ve compiled a list of Federal Law Enforcement Sites in the USA. C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency N.S.A. – National Security Agency NCJRS Law Enforcement Information US Department of Justice – Home Page US Department of Justice – US Federal Bureau of Investigation US Department of Justice – FBI CJIS Division US Department of Justice – FBI Law Enforcement […]


iomega Sucks, American Express Rocks, get a Drobo!

I wrote a blog about backing up data and recommended the HP simple save which works great for individual work stations however I need something to replace my piece of crap Iomega Store Center which died after only 16 weeks and iomega told me too bad. The Story: I  purchased an iomega drive in March […]


Kindle Book Reader

If you live in a cave you’ve probably never heard of the Kindle Book Reader from Amazon. It’s the most popular book reader to date. However, the newcomers to the market are trying to grab some of their market share. This article is the best Book Reader comparison I’ve found online. As the author states, […]


Congressional Reform Act of 2010

I got this email today and only wish it were true. Do a search in Google for “Congressional Reform Act of 2010”, it seems that many Americans feel the same way! Congressional Reform Act of 2010 1. Impose Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below.   A. Two Six year Senate […]


Free Project Management Software

Ok, I finally found a project management software tool that actually works. I use it to keep track of projects and tasks and help my employees manage their assignments. If you’re looking for a free project management software program or want to keep track of employees assignments and the time spent on them, you should […]