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Is my Credit Card Secure when I use Best People Search?

The simple answer is Yes. For those of you that require the details here’s what we do with your credit card information. When you make a payment for services on Bestpeoplesearch.com we do not store your entire credit card number in our system and our web site uses SSL technology and the Verisign payment gateway […]


Why would No-Info be available for a VIN or License Plate (TAG) search?

Investigators utilize all legal avenues available to them to investigator Vehicles requested. There are many public and private systems that allow investigators access for specific DPPA purposes. If you requested a Vehicle search with a valid DPPA purpose the investigators often contact the Motor Vehicle offices in that state on your behalf. If an organization […]


Can I dispute the results provided to me?

If you placed an order for a private investigator search and think something is amiss, or incorrect, you may request the investigator recheck your results. We ask that you use the built in online system to respond to your report. Simply login to your account click on your order number and in the Order Details […]


What happens if a positive result to my Best People Search does not exist?

If, for example, you order a search for a phone number at a particular address, and the investigator finds out that no phone line is connected to that address your report would show “No Active Service”. Such a finding is the result of your search. If you order a Criminal Report and the subject of […]


I have the SSN for someone can you find them?

Q. I have the SSN for someone can you find them? A. This is a question we get all the time. We usually request a little more information because the Private investigators that provide their services to Bestpeoplesearch.com have several different searches that would answer this question. We will discuss some of the differences below. […]


Are Verified Searches Really Verified?

When you request a ‘Verified Place of Employment Locate’ and the investigator locates what they believe to be an active place of employment. Then, investigator will use various approaches to verify employment to ensure (i.e.”verify”) your subject is still working there. This is often the situation that unfolds when when someone applies for a loan […]