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How Does Searchbug's Reachable Phone Number Service Work? - TechFAQs

Searchbug Tech FAQ: How Our Reachable Phone Number Service Works

Recently, a Searchbug customer had a question about how we checked whether phone numbers were active or inactive. The customer had processed a large quantity of phone numbers with our Standard Reachable Number Service. Many of the numbers were shown as active. Our customer then provided our active/inactive number testing system with two phone numbers. […]


5 Things You Need to Know About Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is a means for a creditor or agency to collect a debt that is owed by an individual. It could be for past due child support, back taxes, defaulted student loans, a past due credit card, or any other type of monetary judgment filed against an individual by a third party or creditor. […]


Wireless, Landline, and VoIP Services: What is a Carrier?

Not to be confused with other definitions of “carrier,” a wireless, landline, or VoIP carrier is the company that provides service to such a line for a customer’s use. In some cases, a carrier can provide both voice and data services. Some services that these companies provide might include only landlines, and some might offer […]


How Accurate are Searches?

In today’s world of fast-paced technological advances, it’s easy to find almost anything you want. Going online to find things is as common now as it once was in the days of looking through the yellow pages of a phone book or dialing 4-1-1 for operator assistance. However, even with today’s current technology and speed […]


Why Pay For Searches

Some people balk at the idea of paying someone or a company to find information for them. Why? Well, mainly because information is free on the Internet, and since it’s free, they question just why should they have to pay someone to tell them what’s already out there…for free? Why Pay for Searches? This is […]


How am I protected from credit card fraud on your site?

How am I protected from credit card fraud on your site? We use the latest online fraud tools, Credit Card Encryption, a Comodo Security Certificate and other hi-tech methods to ensure our system is safe to use. We go to great lengths to detect fraudulent card activity and actually help several government agencies and several […]