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How Do Use Your Customer’s Phone Numbers?

Mike owns a company that sell widgets over the telephone to consumers and small businesses.

Mike’s company acquires phone numbers from public records and other marketing sources. Mike checks the numbers to make sure they are not on the do not call list. Unfortunately, he doesn’t check to see if any numbers are cell phones.

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How Can You Tell if You’re about to Hire a Turkey?

You're about to Hire a Turkey

More of us have experience interviewing for a job opening in the hopes of landing the job, but imagine what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table. Imagine you’re in charge of your company’s well-being. It’s up to you to hire the right person for the available job. If the new hire ends up being a “turkey” it will be on your shoulders. The last thing you want for your company is to end up spending hours training a fiasco of sorts. That’s a flub you don’t want on your record.

Instead, as an employer you want to hire someone who is competent. You want someone who can take your company to the next level. Someone who takes the hours of training that you’re going to give them and turn it into a valuable wealth of knowledge. To pick out the best new hire for your company there are some helpful steps you can take.

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Learn About a Potential Business Partner

Learn About a Potential Business Partner with Private Investigator Services

The decision to enter into business with other people is a big commitment. Both you and your business partners are counting on each other to create a profitable company.

What if someone is not telling you something you should know?

Before you enter into business with any individual or group of people it is wise to conduct a background check. Learn about a potential business partner with private investigator services offered from SearchBug. This service was added to the website to help people in your position make informed decisions before committing to establish a relationship with an individual.

You may want to check into a potential business partner’s bank account and credit score. Figure out if he or she actually has enough money to invest; or if the investment might put them at financial risk.

It’s not a good idea to enter business with someone that has a lot to lose. Try to start a business with someone that can financially manage to lose from the initial business investment and commit to seeing results. A good indicator of a person’s ability to commit is his or her credit score. Credit scores say a lot about how a person manages money and paying bills on time.

Never enter business with someone that has a poor credit score. This means they do not know how to manage funds and pay bills on time. You could put your own credit score and finances at risk if you decide to enter into business with a person that is not responsible. A private investigator can figure these types of things out about one of your potential business partners and help save you time from committing to someone that is only going to cause you headaches.

Criminal records are also a big indicator of the character of a person. Private investigators can search into an individual’s past and check to see if any criminal records exist. Depending on the severity of a crime might make you rethink whether or not you want to proceed to work with someone.

You may want to hear what they have to say about the crime, but chances are if it is something serious you want nothing to do with him or her. A private investigator can check all sorts of things and bring to light something that could change the way you view a person.

Finding someone with business experience that wants to become your partner sounds like a good idea, but what if they are not telling the truth? Have an investigator verify a person’s place of employment and previous employment history. Check to see if they have all their cards on the table. In addition to work history, have an investigator look into education as well. Both of these subjects can prove to inform you on the credibility of any potential business partner.

Search Bug allows you to figure out good information to start, a private investigator just takes it a step further. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone to do a little research on someone you might call a business partner one day. A private investigator will help you determine the credibility of an individual. Hire investigation services so that you do not commit to someone that is not reliable.