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These blogs include free resources and information on multiple different databases. In addition, these databases may contain customer information for you and/or your business.


Using Online Databases to Find Doctors

If you’ve recently moved to a new region, or you just want to switch doctors, you can start using online databases to find doctors. Internet databases make the process of finding the right doctor easier. Many such databases now exist, and many are free to use. Reliable doctor databases should tell you mostly everything you […]


Databases For Churches

Databases For Churches: There are certain things every place of worship needs: among them a faithful leader, a worshipful congregation and a computer database. If that last item sounds strange to you, consider all the benefits computer databases can offer a church. With databases, church leaders can keep lists of the entire congregation. This allows […]


Searching and Creating Databases for Reunions

If you have been tasked with organizing a class or a family reunion, you might discover that databases are incredibly helpful tools in this process. You can search existing databases to reach long-lost relatives, or to find classmates with whom you haven’t been in contact in a long time. And you can create your own […]


Databases for Freelance Writing

In many cases, the lives of freelance writers used to involve a great deal of travel, roaming around in search of stories to investigate and subjects to profile for various magazines and journals. Of course, some freelancers today still enjoy that sort of a lifestyle. But more and more, freelancing involves simply turning on a […]


Databases for College Research

Whether you’re writing a master’s thesis or a freshman-year composition, you’re sure to find useful information by searching databases. But what exactly is a database? Why are databases so helpful to college students? And how is searching a database different from searching the entire Internet using a search engine? To define it in simple terms, […]


Planning a Road Trip with Online Databases

Online databases can be a great help to anyone planning a road trip. You can use them to not only map out your driving route in detail, but also to locate the best bargains: the cheapest food, gas, lodging and entertainment. Now, if you want the absolute lowest-priced accommodations possible – that is to say, […]


Database Vs Search Engines

If you’re looking for information online, do you look at a database or a search engine? What about when you’re trying to find average selling prices of homes in a particular area? Would a search engine or a database assist you in locating information about a corporate entity? Database Vs Search Engines – are the […]