Marketing Call Tracking: What You Need To Know

The Ultimate Guide To Call Tracking: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Are you on a quest for tools that can revolutionize your sales and marketing landscape? If so, pause your search and consider this: call tracking. If this concept is new to you, know that call tracking provides a wealth of information for sales and marketing departments to consider. Marketers create successful strategies based on the […]

Ultimate Guide How To Quickly Find Contact Information of CEO

Ultimate Guide: How To Quickly Find CEO’s Contact Information

Are you tired of hitting dead ends while trying to connect with decision-makers for your business pitch? You’re far from alone. In the world of sales and marketing, getting in touch with CEOs can feel daunting. But don’t worry; we’ve got good news. This guide is your roadmap to overcoming those hurdles. We’ll break down […]


Contact Appending vs. Cold Outreach: Why a Warmer Approach Delivers Better Results

Contact appending makes it easier than ever to warmly approach potential clients, customers, partners, investors, or other stakeholders. But why does a warm approach matter? The alternative is cold outreach which is less effective because it lacks a personal touch.  Contact appending allows you to approach your target from a position of understanding. The more […]

\How To Convert Paper Documents For Digital Storage

How To Convert Paper Documents For Digital Storage

Are you still buried under stacks of paper in your office? As we navigate an increasingly digital world, it’s time to consider the advantages of swapping those paper trails for digital footprints. Document digitization—the process of converting paper documents into digital formats—is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for businesses across various sectors. You […]

Braintree Payment Processing
21 Selects Braintree for Payment Processing; Securely Migrates User Data is excited to announce a historic update to its payment processing system. In a strategic move to enhance and improve platform security and offer new and multiple payment options, the company has successfully selected and migrated its payment platform to Braintree — a trusted and innovative payment gateway. Why Braintree? Under the guidance of […]

Free SMS Campaign with Phone Validator and Mailchimp

Ultimate Guide: How To Plan a FREE SMS Campaign with Phone Validator and MailChimp

SMS messaging is an essential means of communication, serving both personal and business purposes. Its rapidity, user-friendliness, and ability to engage in real-time make it incredibly valuable. Nonetheless, the expenses associated with sending SMS texts can quickly accumulate, presenting a significant financial burden for businesses. But fear not! You can actually send FREE SMS campaigns […]