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These blogs include free resources and tips on data validation APIs and how to use APIs to ensure you get correct customer information.

How to Prevent Bots from Submitting Forms via Searchbug

How to Prevent Bots from Submitting Forms and Keep Your Email List Clean

If you have a business or a website, you use forms. Web forms are how you get contact information from your visitors and customers. The problem is, your customers are not the only ones filling out those forms.  Bots, short for “robots”, can be good or bad. They have the power to help or harm. […]

Do-Not-Call List and How Can a DNC List Check API Help You

What is the Do-Not-Call List and How Can a DNC List Check API Help You?

If you are a business or organization that sells or plans to sell products or services to your contact list via phone, you need to make sure the numbers you’ve collected aren’t listed on the National Do-Not-Call Registry. The National Do-Not-Call Registry was created to allow consumers to opt-out of receiving unwanted sales calls. Calling […]

How to Validate Phone Numbers for Apps

How to Validate Phone Numbers for Apps

If you have an app, you need phone numbers. If you’re not using phone numbers in your app, you need to start. Phone numbers can simplify your app and make life easier for your users. And, that’s in addition to increasing security. Some companies, like the Affirm lending company, use phone numbers instead of usernames […]

Phone Validator API via Searchbug.com

The Case for Using a Phone Validator API

Using a batch phone validator works well for most businesses with phone numbers in lists. Like when your business data has multiple phone fields and your database doesn’t know a cell phone from a landline or VoIP number.  Upload phone lists. Get validated results. Start calling. Boom. Done. But what if there was an even easier […]


API And Data Integration Services

Want to improve the efficiency of a business? API or data integration services is a great way to go! If you’ve already come to that conclusion, though, you’re not alone. API services are much easier to install into existing sites, which is making them a hot trend. In fact, many popular sites (from Facebook to […]