Can You Really Get Free Cell Phone Lookup Information?

Can You Really Get Free Cell Phone Lookup Information?


Why do you suppose so many people are looking for free reverse cell phone lookup information? I mean really, there are literally thousands of searches every day on all the various search engines from individuals trying to get free cell phone number reverse look up information.

I ran some statistics on Google and found that in a typical 24 hour period over 750 people type in the term “free reverse cell phone directory.”

Ok, I’ll clue everyone in on a secret: There is no such thing as a free reverse cell phone directory. None. Nada. Ziltch. And, if there were, the data would be junk.

How do I find an accurate name or address from a cell phone number?

The only way to really find an accurate name or address from a cell phone number is to hire a professional. Yeah, there are some web sites like that offer free reverse phone searches. And, granted, they have some cell phone info (albeit rare).

If you need truly accurate info, and you don’t want to spend dozens of hours doing search engine searches until your fingers fall off, or are tired of clicking through dozens of useless links, you’ll soon realize there are only a handful of professional information retrieval services online.

A professional information retrieval service will have a “contact us” page or similar link on their web site which includes a contact form or email address. Additionally, they’ll have a REAL phone number where you can call and speak with someone within a reasonable time period.

There are also dozens of web sites that are link farms or offer low prices and no customer service. Always remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.” So, when doing free cell phone lookup searches that saying definitely rings true.

Going back to my stats from search engines like Google, I thought it would be interesting for people to see just how many people are searching the following phrases in a 24 hour period. It’s mind-boggling to think this many people need to find out information about cell phone numbers.

Terms Related to Cell Phone Searches

This is a list of terms related to cell phone search phrases performed in Google in August 2007 with the projected number of times the search was requested in a 24 hour period:

  • Free reverse cell phone directory – 785
  • Cell phone lookup – 360
  • Reverse cell phone lookup – 257
  • Free cell phone lookup – 250
  • Reverse cell phone directory – 239
  • Cell phone number lookup – 235
  • Free reverse cell phone lookup – 212
  • Reverse cell phone – 189
  • Cell phone reverse lookup – 185
  • Reverse cell phone look up – 184
  • Cellular reverse lookup – 162

Clearly, there are a lot of people looking for free cell phone information. I truly wish there was a way to deliver accurate information for free. But, it’s just not possible.

How does my phone number become public?

Here’s how cell phone information ends up in private databases, which companies charge industry professionals like private investigators substantial monthly fees as well as transaction fees to access.

Keep in mind, there’s not just one private company that gets cell phone numbers. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies that warehouse and mine data. If you have any type of “club card” and used your cell phone number on your club card, it’s likely that those companies sell that information to “marketing companies.”

Financial institutions sell or share personal information. But, they  offer a way to opt-out if you read the fine printed privacy notice.

If you really want to keep your cell phone number private, just remember: never use it, never tell anyone your number, never write it down, never put it on business cards, never use it to order pizza, never give it to any business, and so on.

You get the idea. It’s pretty much impossible to keep your cell phone number out of these databases. You’d have to change your number often, or just never give your number to anyone.

Thousands of companies are compensated for all the personal information they sell, trade, or share somehow. This information doesn’t come free. But, it’s available.

Some private data companies offer free information online. However, the data they typically offer for free is historical or outdated information. Old numbers and outdated information is still viable. But, it doesn’t really help the majority of people looking for current information.

Tips for Conducting a Cell Phone Lookup

Here’s the bottom line: if you want to get current, accurate, up-to-date cell phone searches, hire a professional.

If you don’t hire “bestpeoplesearch,” please be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate organization that returns emails and phone calls.

Also, be sure whoever you hire to conduct your cell phone search requests has a satisfactory Better Business Bureau track record and is a BBB member in good standing. That way you’ll get better information. And, you won’t get scammed.

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