Searchbug is Your Contact Information Supply. Online Student Database. Validated Email Finder. Faculty Communication Enabler. Friendly Data Provider.

Searchbug Ensures That You’re Never Out of Touch with Students or Staff

People can be hard to reach. They change their email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses all the time. This causes missed deadlines, miscommunications, and even lowers enrollments and student retention.

Get accurate email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses for every student and faculty member.

Create Complete, Accurate Student and Faculty Contact Profiles.

Searchbug enables education institutions to get accurate and updated contact information for:

  • Student and staff recruitment outreach.
  • Building complete student contact profiles, including emergency contact information.
  • Ensuring that staff and faculty can always be contacted.
How to Append Contact Information in 4 Steps

Verify and get accurate contact information in bulk with Searchbug online self-service tools, or integrate Searchbug data validation into your contact information management systems with Searchbug APIs.

Create dependable student, staff, and faculty contact profiles, and stay in touch!

Need proof that Searchbug works before you enroll? Test our knowledge. Your first individual search for $5 or less is free. Check the contact information for a student or staff member, and draw your own conclusions.

Test our service! Get your first search under $5 free.
Plus, new users get 500 search tokens free with any $T purchase.

Pay For Data, Not Searches

  • No monthly minimums, no subscription, no setup fees.
  • Pay only for matches. If we don’t find anything, you don’t pay for it.
  • Top-notch customer service. If you need help, we’ll walk you through it.

Sign up now, and get some free contact data before you upload your first list.


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