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How to Fix and Prevent Invalid Email Addresses

Invalid email addresses are addresses that do not receive emails. An address could be formatted incorrectly, there could be a typo, the address could no longer exist, or it could be inactive. It is important to get invalid email addresses fixed or off your list as quickly as possible. Invalid email addresses are like zombies: they’re […]

Identity Resolution: Who are Your Customers and Where are They?

Identity resolution is exactly what it sounds like: assembling all the pieces of data associated with a person to create a whole picture. Think of it as a puzzle. Your targets drop pieces of data at every stage of their customer journey. When you put those pieces together into a unified picture, you are better […]

Data Privacy vs. Data Security: Are You Protecting Your Data?

When it comes to handling data, it’s important to protect yourself as a business as well as the customers and clients you serve. The best ways to do this are to honor your customers’ trust and protect yourself against a data breach.  To the untrained reader, it might seem as though data privacy vs. data […]

5 Reasons to Use the Customer Data Platform to Power Your Marketing Campaigns

The customer data platform (CDP) has become quite popular in the past couple of years. This is because it is so effective at allowing users to personalize their marketing campaigns.  The customer data platform succeeds where other systems lack, giving a holistic view of who your customers are. With the CDP, you can see what that […]