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Click to read more   New Searchbug website is now available!   The current site will stay active for 4 - 6 weeks.   
Many exciting updates are coming.

  • New, higher quality people search data and lower pricing!
  • Mobile-friendly design with a new modern look and easy navigation.
  • A new way to purchase searches under $5 with Search Tokens.
  • Premium Membership will be discontinued and current subscriptions will not renew.
There is no change to API, Batch, Skip Tracing and Inverstigator services. More Info.

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My question is about: My Account or Services (access, subscriptions, how to use)   
Personal Listing (privacy, listing corrections, etc.)
Text Messaging (report abuse, find sender)
Data Processing (API, large volumes, custom orders)
Business Proposal (advertising, providing data, etc.)
Something else
Consider this:
Consider this:
  • We offer wide range custom data processing services and APIs for people, business and phone data.
  • Please provide the following details to receive a quote:
    1. Data you will be providing
    2. Data you need as a result of processing  
    3. Expected monthly volumes or number of records for a one-time order  
    4. Preferred API (e.g. XML, batch files)
    5. Special requirements
Consider this:
  • We are open to new business opportunities.
  • When contacting us please include the following:
    1. Name of your company in the email subject
    2. The substance of your proposal
    3. Contact name, email address and phone number
Consider this:
  • Understand your Privacy Rights and Removal Options
    SearchBug and similar sites gather and display personal information from many sources including published phone directories, publicly-available sources and public records. Unfortunally, there is no single mechanism of suppressing your information from SearchBug and all the information broker databases on the internet at once.

    Please visit independent Privacy Rights Organization to learn about the options you have to protect your privacy.

  • Removal of "FREE Records" Listings
    Free Records that originate and frequently updated from the local telephone directories can be removed at no charge by yourself. Please read and follow these instructions.
    1. Run a search on your name. If the results show "# FREE Records" with your name and address you can remove those records from the free listings.
    2. Click on your name at the address you want to remove from the Free Records results page.
    3. In the upper right corner you will see a trash can icon and the word remove: remove Remove (click the trash can or the Remove link).
    4. Removal is immediate, but it only affects the results found on
  • Removal of "PREMIUM Records" Listings including the Free PREVIEW of Premium Listings
    SearchBug Records are online public records. Public records information comes from files or records of local, state, federal or other government agencies, such as corporate and property records. Public records are created by the federal and local government agencies, (vital records, immigration records, real estate records, criminal records, etc.) or by the individual (magazine subscriptions, voter registration, sweepstake entries, home purchases, not opting out from financial institution marketing notices, etc.).

    Original public records documents are maintained by the government and private data depositories, many of which are accessible to the public (usually for a fee).

    SearchBug online data is as-is representation of underlying public records. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy or add, update, or remove information at the original source. We can however block individual records from appearing in SearchBug PREMIUM Records..

    Blocking of PREMIUM Records listings is a manual administrative process and does require payment for the administration of manually blocking records. Since data comes from several different provider feeds, we have no way to automate a process. Each removal request is based on a specific name or addresses and requires them to be manually verified and completed.

  • If you would like your information blocked from showing in the PREMIUM records preview, please follow the instructions below.

    1. Enter your name and state in the people finder tool and click search.
    2. Click on "Premium Records - free preview" tab.
    3. Print the page with your listings.
    4. Circle or highlight your listings to be removed.
    5. Mail us the removal request and Include the following items:
      • A letter requesting we block your listing from appearing. With your name, complete current address AND signature
      • The print out of the page with your listings circled or highlighted.
      • A check for $20.00 payable to SearchBug, Inc.
    6. Send your removal request to:
      SearchBug, Inc.
      c/o Removal
      364 2nd St, Suite 4
      Encinitas, CA 92024
    7. Since we do not manage the data, we cannot guarantee it will not show up again, however, If your record appears again within 1 year, no fee is required to resubmit your request.
Consider this:
Consider this:
  • We do not require users to sign in before they send a message. So, it is not possible to personally identify the sender. However, all activity on SearchBug is logged and can be traced for audit purposes and to prevent abuse. If you are a victim of the abuse, please send us your phone number and time/date when you received the message and we will pull the IP address of the sender for you. Then you can work with the ISP of the sender to pursue this matter further.
  • You can also block your number, so people cannot send you text messages from SearchBug anymore.
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