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You have been redirected here from as our services have moved to our parent company website. Please create a new secure account when you place an order during the checkout process. Contact our Customer Service at 800-990-2939 if you have any questions.

Private Investigator Services (formerly

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Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Hire a prescreened, licensed, bonded, and insured private investigator to handle your search needs.

Private Investigators have the experience and ability to access unique sources not available to the general public which significantly increases the success rate of each search.

Since Investigator services are manual searches, the results can typically take anywhere from one business day to several weeks depending on the type of search requested.

Hundreds of law offices, repossession companies, insurance agents, collection agencies, and individuals rely on SearchBug investigator services to obtain hard-to-find information they need.

Formerly, our private investigator services are now accessible directly from SearchBug. Enjoy the same great service and reliability you've come to trust from BestPeopleSearch, now even more convenient with an easier interface and accessible directly from within your secure SearchBug account.

Assets & Bank Accounts

Special Services

  Guaranteed results personally verified by investigator

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