Verify Phone Number and Identify Line Type APIs

The Phone Number Verification APIs are useful when you need to verify, validate or check to see if a phone number is wireless (cellular) number, a VoIP number, or a regular (home or office wire line) landline number. These APIs will also identify the telephone company (Carrier), OCN (operating company number), and location (rate center city and state). The Advanced API provides a real-time check for Line Number Portability (LNP). Use Verify Active Phone Number API to tell if phone number is Active or Disconnected.

With a revised Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), FCC is now requiring telemarketers to obtain written consent before calling a mobile phone number with an automated dialer. If you cannot show written consent, use our Identify Phone Number APIs to weed out cell phone numbers. This service works for US and Canada.

Identify Phone Number APIs:

    1. Standard API
    • Delivers 95%+ accuracy in determining line type. However, this API only reports the original carrier and does not include a local number portability check. Data is updated monthly. SearchBug also offers an Advanced API that does consider number portability, please see below.
    • Standard Phone ID API access requires a monthly subscription. The pricing is based on the total number of records processed monthly. It's similar to some cell phone plans; you select a plan and if you exceed the plan you're charged for the overage at the published tier rates. You can adjust your plan anytime. Live usage statistics are available in each XML response.
    • Process one phone number or up to 1,000 in one request.
    • No Long Term Contracts, No setup fees, Cancel anytime with 30 day notice.
    • Select Subscription Plan based on Monthly Volume

      Contact us for monthly volumes over 2,000,000

    2. Advanced API (LNP)
    • This API delivers 99% accuracy by checking in Real-Time if phone number was ported. Line Number Portability (LNP) check is included.
    • If the number has been ported, the API returns the latest ported date, the new (current) carrier and line type.
    • Email address for sending text messages is reported for cell phones (e.g.
    • SearchBug account with a Prepaid Plan is required.
    • Cost is $0.03 per query.
    • Output examples: XML | JSON

Verify Active Phone Number API   (NEW)

  • Verify if phone number is Active or Disconnected.
  • This is a very accurate real-time verification using carrier billing systems.
  • If Active number has been ported, the new carrier name and type are reported.
  • Billing name is available for some Active phone numbers.
  • SearchBug account with a Prepaid Plan is required.
  • Cost is $0.07 per query.
  • Output examples: XML | JSON

Do not see what you need? Just ask. We can create a custom API to suite your needs or solve data problems you might be facing.

Secure and private data handling

Responsive technical support

Fast and reliable processing

XML or JSON format

Free Quick setup

No Contracts, No Minimums

High-volume discounts available

How do I Get Access to the APIs?
  • To use an API you will need a SearchBug Business account. New customer accounts are activated by customer support the same or next business day after verification.
  • Our Standard Identify Phone Number API is based on monthly subscription. Select Subscription Plan on the left and click "Get It Now" to sign up and receive instructions.
  • All other APIs are paid per use and require a Prepaid Payment Plan.
    • The cost of each API is based on either a Query or a Hit (match) and the cost is deducted from the established Prepaid account balance. Review each API to the left for the associated cost, and, if the charge is per Hit (when information is found) or per Query.
    • Prepaid accounts are automatically recharged when your account is low on funds to avoid service interruption.
    • You can select any prepaid amount from $10 to $1,000. If you are just testing the system, we suggest starting with a $10 prepaid account. Your credit card will only be charged $10 and you can implement testing.
    • When you finish testing, we suggest you increase your prepaid amount to match your anticipated volume to avoid multiple small charges. Multiple small charges to the same vendor can often trigger your credit card company to decline charges which causes your service to be interrupted. We suggest you select a prepaid amount that will cover a least one month of search volume.
    • Note that Prepaid amounts never expire. Should you ever decide to stop using the service, you can simply request the account balance of unused funds be credited back to your card.
    • Once you signed up for a prepaid plan, come back to this page to download the API Documentation
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