SearchBug APIs and Data Integration

Fast and reliable dedicated data processing server
Secure and private data handling
Quick setup and responsive technical support
XML or JSON format
No Setup Fee, No Contracts
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Take advantage of SearchBug APIs and integrate our searches into your own web site, application or a mobile app.

Use SearchBug APIs to identify phone line type and carrier, verify email address, verify IP address, find billing name for phone numbers (reverse phone lookup API), find people phone and address (reverse address lookup API), validate SSN, check criminal records, etc.

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Do not see what you need? Just ask. We can create a custom API to suite your needs or solve data problems you might be facing.

Verify Phone Number API

How do I Test or Get Access to an API?
  • To use an API you need to sign up for a SearchBug account and select a Prepaid Payment Plan. New customer accounts are activated by customer support the same or next business day.
  • Standard Identify Phone Number API is based on monthly subscription. To Subscribe, go to Verify Phone Number page. Select Subscription Plan on the left and click "Get It Now" to sign up and receive instructions.
  • All other APIs are paid per use and require a Prepaid Plan.
    • With Prepaid Plan, the cost of each API Query is deducted from the established account balance. If noted, you are only charged for a Hit (when information is found).
    • Prepaid accounts are automatically recharged when your funds runs low.
    • You can select any prepaid amount from $10 to $1,000. If you are just testing the system, select the $10 prepaid account. Your credit card will be charged $10 and you can implement testing.
    • When you ramp up or finish testing, we suggest you increase your prepaid account amount to avoid multiple small charges. If you plan to spend $250 per month on searches, use the $250 prepaid amount instead of having 25 charges of $10 each.
    • Prepaid amounts never expire. If you decide to stop using the service, you can simply request all unused funds be credited back to your card.

Verify Phone Number API